Gondozi urged Marseille to win over Laurent.



Matteo Guendouzi scored once and scored two more as Marseille beat Lorient 4-1 on Sunday and won their first League 1 match in four matches.

Marcel’s supporters pay tribute to controversial former president Bernard Teppe in the first game in the velodrome since his death.

On October 3, Tapi died of stomach cancer at the age of 78.

Jorge Sampoli’s side had lost their last two league matches and soon withdrew when Armand Laurenti replaced Stephen Dera with a penalty spot after a foul on Brazilian defender Luan Perez.

Bobakar Kamara’s strike from the Gondozi cutback pulled the level of Marseille in 27 minutes.

Gondozi, an Arsenal borrower, headed in a corner from the brilliant Dimitri Piet to give the hosts the lead in the first half, but Pait then managed to score his first goal after returning from a long knee injury while playing in the Arcadia country.

Marseille sealed the victory with a stop when Gondozi’s shot was fired by Laurent’s defender Hoboling Mendes.

“We had some problems before the international break. We had a great start to the season and hoped it would continue like this. Winning now is a big blow for us,” Gandozi told Prime Video.

Marseille will try to get back into the title race next weekend by hosting rivals Paris Saint-Germain.

“As a footballer, you live for these kinds of matches. Everyone dreams of playing in them. Here at home with energy, I know we can do something really good.

“It’s going to be a great match and we will do our best to win it.”

High-flying Nice was removed from a good job as she lost 1-0 to Troyes earlier in the day and handed over third place to Marseille.

Nice went into the game with five wins in eight games this season, but struggling Troy scored the only goal just four minutes later.

Renault Repert’s brilliant back heel allowed Julian Biancon to cross with his right arm and Mama Balde hit the ball into the house.

Nice chemical giants were unable to step into a disappointing match for the club owned by Aeneas.

Former France defender Adil Rami is part of the squad that won the 2018 World Cup, with Troy making his debut as a first-half substitute.

Good coach Christoph Galtier said the start of the match was devastating and the whole match was devastating.

English forward Steffi Mavidi scored his third goal of the season when Montpellier beat second-placed Lens 1-0.

This is the second time this season that the lens has been lost, leaving PSG at the top with nine points.

The only team to beat PSG in the campaign was Rains, who beat the Metz 3-0, while Strasbourg beat St. Etienne 5-1 at the bottom.

Bordeaux and Nantes took a 1-1 lead, while Brest did not win after being caught by the same scoreline at Rams’ home.

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