McIlroy wins 20th US PGA title


Las Vegas:

Rory McIlroy won the 20th USPGA Tour title of his career on Sunday, winning the CJ Cup with a shock victory over Colin Morekawa, scoring 66 goals in six sixes.

Disappointed with his struggles after last month’s poor performance in the Ryder Cup and Bryson de Chambeo’s long-distance effort, the 32-year-old from Northern Ireland showed the form that made him a four-time major champion. went.

“For the past few months, I’ve been trying to be someone else,” said McElroy.

McAlroy finished fifth in just 35 feet at Eagle Pitt and crossed the last four holes to finish at 263, equal to 25-under, at the Summit Club in Las Vegas.

McAlroy said his Rider Cup flop in Europe’s 19-9 record encouraged him to play better.

“It was huge. It really was,” said McIlroy. “I was disappointed with how I played. I’m more emotionally attached to it than to (winning).”

After his best two-year stint with 62 on Saturday, McAlway won with the closest perfect run to claim his 29th win worldwide and only 39th with 20 U.S. PGA wins. Became a player

“It’s a great achievement,” said McIlroy. I still need a few more years to get a lifetime waiver, but I’ve won at least 20. This is a great achievement.

Since World War II, only Vijay Singh and Gary Player have won more American PGA victories than McAlroy among players outside the United States.

Two-time winner Morikawa, who finished with an eagle, finished second at 264, followed by fellow Americans Ricky Fowler and Keith Mitchell at 266.

The event was the second consecutive year of coronavirus transmission from South Korea due to epidemics.

McLarey, ranked 14th, won his second title of the year, the third victory of his career at Coelholo after an 18-month drought in May and the first of the 2021-22 season.

“I was close before I started my season with a win,” he said. “It’s great. It feels great, some confirmation of what I’ve done in the last few weeks. Just keep going.”

Morikawa was happy with her week despite settling in for the second week.

“It’s been a great start to the season,” he said.

Fowler led three early Sunday but could not match the pace of McAlroy, shooting 71.

“Obviously disappointed,” Fowler said. “But it’s a big step in the right direction from where I’ve been for the last two years.”

Fowler finished fourth in the 16-foot birdie putt with a 22-under lead over McAlroy and Morekawa, but stumbled in the 10th with a three-putt boogie.

McIlroy drove the Green on par-412 and swerved in a four-foot birdie pit to capture the lead alone.

McAlway found the 5th rough and came a little above the green, but spun the ball from just 35 feet into the cup to reach the Eagle 25-under and three ahead.

Morikawa sank an Eagle Pitt just within 5 feet to pull it within seven feet, but McAlroy closed with four pars to seal the victory.

Fowler took a two-stroke lead over McAlroy and dropped his point an inch off the cup to birdie on the opening hole to take a three-lead lead.

But McAlroy sank the 11-foot birdie putt in par-3 seconds and par-5 was tap-in birdie on the third.

Fowler birded for the fourth time but took a double bogey on the fifth inning, while McElroy birded just four feet to take the lead.

McIlroy finished eighth, beating Morikawa’s Birdie 3-3 to take the lead to 22 under.

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