Tottenham ruined Newcastle’s Saudi party.



Newcastle’s new dawn, owned by the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund, got off to a disappointing start when Tottenham stunned St. James Park 3-2.

With this defeat, Newcastle still remain in the relegation zone without winning the Premier League this season.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) has high expectations on Tinside to change the fate of Newcastle in the field.

PIF Governor Yasir Al-Ramayan was greeted by a crowd of 55,000 when he was presented before the kick-off.

With a great start to the home side, there was a pleasant atmosphere when Colm Wilson reached Javier Mankello’s cross within two minutes.

Al-Ramayan celebrated at the stands with co-owner Amanda Stuile, who has bought a 10% stake in the club and has been the face of a takeover bid for more than a year.

Stevely said this week that he wants Magpies to become England’s champion in the next 10 years.

However, the gulf between where Newcastle is and where the new owners want to go was exposed after their flight began.

Under new boss Nono Esprito Santo, the Spurs have had to stay away from the ideal start to the season, but in Hurricanes and Son Hyungman, they hope to have star quality Newcastle in the years to come.

Tangui Ndombele equalized 17 minutes from Sergio Regilon’s cross to start Tottenham’s revival.

Kane then ended his wait for a Premier League goal this season with a decent lobe with Carl Darlow.

The England captain was flagged internally, but a VAR review proved that Ken Pierre was out of the top of Emile Hodgsburg’s ball.

“I know there’s a lot going on around me and a lot of noise and I know it’s always the case when you’re used to scoring and the ball sometimes doesn’t fall on you,” Kane said.

“I will always give myself back to take the next chance.”

The game was then suspended for 20 minutes due to a medical emergency for Newcastle fans.

Tottenham’s Regilon and Eric Dyer called for a defibrillator and the players were taken off the pitch by referee Andre Mariner.

“We want to say goodbye to the boy in the stand, it wasn’t good to see,” Kane added. “We’ve heard he’s stable now, so we’re grateful to the medical teams and the fans who were doing CPR.”

The flow of play remained the same when the first half resumed for seven minutes of stopping time.

Ken Spurs became the number three supplier as his low cross was replaced by his son slipping on a distant post.

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