Lukaku, Werner’s injuries helped Chelsea beat Malm.



Thomas Tochel confirmed that Chelsea faced a period without Romelo Lukaku and Timo Werner when the Champions League holders were shaken by their forward’s injury problems in Wednesday’s 4-0 win over Malm.

Tachel’s side tossed the Swedish men to Storford Bridge, thanks to Georginho’s penalty and goals from Andreas Christensen and Kai Hawartz.

But Chelsea’s second Group H victory was marred by Belgium striker Lukaku’s ankle injury and Germany forward Werner’s hamstring problem after losing their last match to Juventus.

Both had to come out in the first half and Chelsea boss Tachel will wait anxiously for them to come back soon.

“We have an ankle sprain for Romelo, and a muscle injury and hamstring for Timo, so I think he’ll be out for a few days,” said Tachel.

“We have a lot of games, so now we have to find a solution, no excuses.”

It would be a big blow for the pair to be separated for a long time between a busy schedule as Chelsea try to maintain their position in the Premier League and qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League.

“Both were in good form, they are dangerous and can make and score so we need to find a solution and the guys who are waiting for their chance need to go ahead and score,” Tochel said. ۔ “

“The race is on, we have confidence in those who start against Norwich and we will try to find new solutions.

“We’ve won games with Werner and Lukaku before. We don’t want these issues often but it happens during one season.”

Tochil admitted this week that Lukaku was suffering from mental and physical fatigue between the club and the country’s exit schedule.

The Belgian striker has now played seven Chelsea without a goal, starting with four out of four after transferring his club record of 98 988 million (13 135 million) from Inter Milan.

Disappointingly for Lukaku, he looked close to his best and it was his powerful addition that won Georgino’s commuted sentence, hurting him in the process.

Although Werner has endured another difficult season, his injury will leave Hurtz as Tachel’s only experienced option for the central striker role.

The decision to allow Tommy Abraham and Oliver Garrod to leave Chelsea at the end of last season could now prove costly for Chelsea.

The list of relatively undesirable fixtures over the next few weeks is the only saving grace for Tochil if he is denied the services of Lukaku and Werner for a long time.

Nine minutes later, Thiago Silva swung a cross into the Malm علاقے area and Christensen allowed his run to meet a volley that bounced off a light turf 10 yards past John Dahlon.

It was the Danish defender’s first goal for Chelsea since his debut in 2014.

In the 21st minute, Lukaku made his way through the Malmo defense, forcing Lucy Nelson to take the striker down from a raw foul that forced him.

Georgino took a penalty and changed his usual hopstep technique to make a powerful strike behind Dahlin for his first goal of the season.

Tachel’s injury worries escalated before half-time when Werner was forced to pull while turning in the Malm area.

Hawartz gave a welcome glimpse of his quality in his audition for the striker’s role as he scored Chelsea’s third goal in the 48th minute.

Column Hudson Odoi, led by Werner, led a dynamic break that Hortz ended with a composite shot in the far post.

Chelsea were moving fast and Antonio Rodrگرguez’s muscle spasm was reduced to a mistake by Eric Larson, who admitted a penalty when Giorgino fouled home in the 57th minute.

Second-placed Blues are three points behind leaders Juventus with three games to play.

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