Quartarro is eyeing the Moto GP title.



Fabio Quartarro is just a few days away from his first MotoGP world title at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix on Sunday, when Valentino Rossi will host his final farewell to his Italian fans.

The 22-year-old Yamaha rider is 52 points ahead of Francisco Bugnaya of Quartarro Ducati, who finished third in the championship with three races in the 2021 season, running in the Mesano race on the Adriatic coast of Italy.

With a maximum of 25 points, Quartarro will become the first French MotoGP winner if he loses before the home hopes are dashed, which is his first victory at the age of 24.

Quartarro should be in a confident mood after his impressive second position behind Mark Marquez at the last US Grand Prix in Texas, which bid for the title this weekend.

He finished second in the San Marino Moto GP in Mesano last month.

“My mindset has changed a bit for this last part of the competition. The last time we were in Mesano, I was racing to win and not thinking about the championship at all,” Quartarro said.

“Of course I will do my best this weekend to get the best possible results, because that’s what I like best, but I’ll try to be careful about it.”

Bugnia has good reason to think he can advance to the title race for at least another GP because he stopped Quartarro from the pole position to win at Messano in September, a track record time in qualifying. Was recorded

The former Russian project will wish another success in front of an emotional crowd at home who will mostly be there to say goodbye to the legend of motorcycling.

Seven-time MotoGP champion Russia, 42, grew up riding on the Masano and still lives a short distance from the track, with his own motorcycling team VR46, a few miles off the road in his hometown of Tavolia. located in.

Up to 35,000 spectators are expected on track for Russia’s last Moto GP race on Italian soil on Sunday, with supporters hoping for one last bloom in front of the yellow wall.

The Russians have failed to brighten the track during their slow march towards retirement at the end of the season and are ranked 21st overall after making the top 10 only twice in all seasons.

It dropped to 17th in Maysano in September, which was also an opportunity for fans to admire one of Italy’s sporting icons.

“The last race in Masano was already a really emotional moment for me,” Rossi said.

“It will be a special race at home and I really hope the Italian fans will enjoy it.”

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