Versatile is looking for its first Texan victory.



Max Verstapen will try to beat Lewis Hamilton in one of the defending champions’ favorite backyard this weekend to fulfill his American dream and consolidate his lead at the Formula One Drivers World Championships.

After finishing fourth, third and second, but never winning the US circuit, the Dutchman wants to claim his first Texan victory to extend his six-point advantage with six races.

“We’ve always been competitive in the United States and have come close to some good results – so it’s about turning it into a win now,” he said. “We go on every track knowing that we can at least fight for the podium, but also win – and that’s different from previous years.

“We are focused on doing our best and always trying to win and it will not be different in Austin. It will be another close battle and I look forward to it.”

Verstappen and his Red Bull team know, however, that Mercedes has enjoyed the strongest results since the opening race in 2012, when Hamilton recorded his first of five wins in eight races.

Of the other three, his teammate Valtre Botas won once, in the last event in 2019, while Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel won in 2013 and Kimi R راikkنnen won in 2018.

The statistical evidence that Mercedes has returned with a one-win win over Hamilton and Botas in the last two matches between Russia and Turkey suggests that the Honda-powered team will finish its work this weekend. Will

“It was encouraging to see our movement continue for the last time in Turkey,” said Tutu Wolf, head of the Silver Arrows team.

“We haven’t won a back-to-back race in a short time, so there’s been a natural uproar in the factories.

“It was a great performance by Voltaire in difficult situations, he got his first win of the season – a flawless drive. He was in control from the start and it’s a big boost for him and the team.”

Mercedes’ return to form is due in part to better strength and speed, although Hamilton’s grid penalty for buying a new engine in Turkey limited it to a fifth.

“For Lewis, Turkey’s absolute theory is that he lost one point more than Max in the previous race in Russia, as we can live with a similar engine change,” Wolf said. Let’s take a turn before this year’s great title race.

As Wolfe expressed his encouraging views, Red Bull owner Christian Horner sought to increase the stakes and put pressure on his Austrian counterpart.

“Tutu has done a great job in running the team and maintaining their performance, but he has not experienced anything other than winning,” Horner said.

“So for him now, it’s a different kind of pressure. It’s tough … he came in 2013 when the structure was already there, in place, built by Ross Brown.

Horner’s comments may suggest that he is also feeling the heat as the phone fight intensifies and Mercedes wins the Constructor Championship by 36 points.

However, he hopes to repair any damage to Texas in Mexico, where Mercedes’ power units often struggle to breathe in stormy conditions.

And as Botas rises to win again in Turkey, Horner will hope that Sergio Perez will play a significant role in the championship run in Texas and then at home.

On the fast, but fast Austin track, Mercedes is expected to enjoy the benefits of electricity, especially on the long straight, but only if the Red Bull finds a setup that will allow them to take on other areas. It will not be easy if you allow it.

Behind them, an equally tough scrap is expected between Ferrari and McLaren following the Italian’s improved pace in Turkey.

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