Among the 29 essential items, tomatoes and coking oil prices rose.


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KARACHI: Prices of 29 essential items including tomatoes, mustard oil, vegetable ghee, potatoes, cooking oil, etc. rose during the week ended October 21.

Based on the Sensitive Price Index (SPI), the weekly inflation for the combined income group recorded a 1.38% increase from 159.26 points during the week ended October 14 to 161.46 points during the week under review. Arrived

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), prices of seven items, including chicken, wheat flour and onions, declined. Meanwhile, prices of 15 essential items remained unchanged.

The bureau said in its weekly report that the price of tomato in food items has increased by 41.63%. Meanwhile, prices of mustard oil, vegetable ghee, plain bread, potatoes and cooking oil (5 liters) rose by 2.23 per cent, 1.91 per cent, 1.84 per cent, 1.57 per cent and 1.50 per cent, respectively.

Among non-food items, diesel, petrol and LPG prices rose by 10.06 per cent, 8.19 per cent and 7.11 per cent, respectively.

During the week under review, prices of chicken declined by 2.45 per cent, while prices of groundnut, onion and wheat flour declined by 1.09 per cent, 0.78 per cent and 0.18 per cent, respectively.

For the lowest-income group, the SPI rose 0.96% over the previous week. The group’s index stood at 171.85 points compared to 170.22 points last week.

On a year-on-year basis, SPI-based inflation rose to 14.48%.

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