Government ready for protest, strict security measures in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore


The government has closed roads in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi and taken additional steps to hold separate protests by the banned organization and opposition parties.

A day earlier, the Interior Ministry had written to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to suspend internet services in various parts of Lahore due to protests by the banned organization.

The provincial government later suspended internet service around Multan Road, Grand Battery Stop, Iqbal Town, Noonkot, Samanabad and green areas of Lahore.

Containers have also been placed at various places in Lahore, such as at Samanabad Junction on Multan Road and at the grid station stop. Containers have also been set up at Dubai Chowk in the Boulevard area of ​​Iqbal Town to thwart the protesters’ efforts to gather.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad Traffic Police has also issued a traffic plan (read below) as the city is ready to deal with the protest today.

Metro bus service suspended in Rawalpindi

Strict security measures have been taken in Rawalpindi, where authorities have suspended metro bus service and closed roads around it.

Authorities have also closed several roads in the inner city. Containers have been placed on the sixth road leading to Faizabad area while Faizabad Ojri Camp Road has also been sealed.

The city administration has said that the metro bus will run only from IJP road stop to Pakistan Secretariat while it will be suspended from Saddar to Faizabad.

Islamabad traffic police issued traffic plan before the protest

The Islamabad administration has stepped up security measures to deal with the long march to the city of the banned organization. The city’s traffic police has asked citizens to use 9th Avenue and those who want to travel from Rawalpindi to Faizabad to use IJP Road.

“The Faizul Islam stop, Murree Road, has been closed to traffic,” an ICT spokesman said. “Those who plan to travel from Islamabad to Murree Road should take the Islamabad Highway.”

Jinnah Avenue Road from Express Chowk to D Chowk has been sealed off, the spokesman added, adding that citizens should use NADRA Chowk and Ayub Chowk to enter and exit the red zone area of ​​the city.

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