In the Clasico, Barca, Real combine the present and the future.



The Barcelona players met for dinner at a Catalan restaurant on Wednesday night to celebrate Ansoufati’s new contract and sign with Real Madrid before the Clasico on Sunday.

The 18-year-old Fatima has dedicated herself to another six years, which is of special significance to Barcelona.

Despite all the problems they face, one of the world’s most exciting talents has promised his future, and he hopes to be a new generation leader for many years to come.

More immediately, there was a desire for friendship before the tour of Real Madrid at Camp Nou.

Barcelona will have a chance to regain lost ground in La Liga and have an exciting weekend that has already seen them beat Valencia and end the much-needed Champions League win over Dynamo Kiev.

The two interconnected threads – navigating the present while managing the future – feel like the main feature of this classic, the meeting of two historical clubs, each of them strategizing, fixing and rebuilding. Simultaneously trying to keep your arms just above the water while trying.

Last summer, at the same restaurant, Barcelona president Juan Laporta met with Ronald Koeman to discuss the upcoming season.

Lipporta told Koeman that he needed two weeks to review his position as coach, which meant he would try to find a successor.

But no one was found, or at least persuaded, and as a result, a strange, unpleasant marriage continued.

On Sunday, Cuomo will be joined by Carlo Ancelotti, whose summer appointment by Real Madrid was a surprise.

Ancelotti’s predecessor, Zinedine Zidane, has been extremely loyal to the club’s highly successful, but older, generation of players, and it was expected that Madrid would do a great job for a great visionary coach, ready to facilitate change. Was

Instead, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez turned to Insulti, who had already taken over the club between 2013 and 2015.

This does not mean that Ancelotti and Koeman did not embrace the youth. Cuiman can take credit for promoting several players, of whom Barcelona are the most passionate, including Pedri, Gavi, Nico Gonzalez, Ronald Arajo and Sergino Dest.

Ancelotti has left-hander Miguel Gutierrez and Eduardo Camawinga in midfield. Vanessa Jr., 21, stepped down from Real Madrid in 2018 but is in the early stages of his career under Ancelotti.

Guy would probably not have been given the opportunity if Barcelona had succeeded in convincing Cuiman to sign Georgiano Wijnaldum, who chose Paris Saint-Germain. Miguel has seen Fernland Mandy shorten his way to Madrid due to injury.

Loyalty to the old guard remains, a legitimate belief that Gerard Pique, 34, is still Barcelona’s most important defender, or that Luca Modric, 36, is still Madrid’s best midfield player.

The result on Sunday will be two-way, consisting of different races.

Gavi, 17, could play 33-year-old Sergio Biscuits or 20-year-old Rodrigo in support of 33-year-old Karim Benzema.

With the departure of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, La Liga is trying to consolidate the image of Spanish football as the world’s new talent factory and classic – as a window into the future.

On Twitter, La Liga’s official account asked Thursday: “Which teen star are you most excited to see in # ElClasico?”

And yet there is a controversy, with Real Madrid and Barcelona still formally linked to the European Super League, a project not about encouraging local talent but about winning financial rewards and attracting a large television audience.

Barcelona brand their squad online for ‘Dream Ten’, but Lipporta believes the fastest way to financial stability is not to win or lose, but a closed league, with more games against Liverpool, Manchester United and PSG. shall be.

This means that whoever wins the Clasico on Sunday will, for a few days, be the master of the narrative, gain confidence and momentum, and perhaps put his opponents in a time of crisis and doubt.

But there is a deep battle under the scrap for points and position and power, once again a battle for compatibility and assurance that better days are to come.

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