Schaefer set a goal to win the World Cup.



US skiing star Mikayla Schaeferin will begin bidding for more World Cup dominance in Soldin this weekend, with the Austrian resort being the first stop of the season, including the February 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Sheffield won the Women’s World Cup for three consecutive years until 2019.

But the series ended with a terrible season in which her father died suddenly in February 2020, Coved suffered 19 epidemics and a back injury as she did for the first time since 2011-12 when she was 16 years old.

He won three victories last season, one in the giant slalom and two in the slalom, to take his World Cup tally to 69, including one down and four in the Super G.

Last season, Sheffield focused on technical events, slalom and giant Salem, as it rebuilt after a terrific 2019-20 season.

Her successful World Championships last February at the Cortina di Ampizo, where she won all four of her races on the podium and won jointly, could serve as the blueprint for the February 4-20 Beijing Olympics where She could win her third consecutive gold medal. In slalom. But pressing immediately is the start of the World Cup season.

“If I hadn’t skidded or stacked up basically for any of the World Cup races, I would have been much more disappointed, but somehow I would have won individual or multiple medals at the Olympics,” Schaefer said. “

“Fate changes the results of the Olympics a lot more than any normal World Cup or when you look at the results for the whole season.”

This season’s World Cup circuit includes a swing from Canada and the United States, which was revived last year after being canceled due to epidemics, for the first time since the 1973-74 season.

France’s Alexis Pentoralt and Slovakia’s Petra Valhova were crowned last season’s overall World Cup winners.

Schaefer will face a tough challenge not only in the technical events but also from Katherine Lansberger of Austria.

Lansberger defeated Wolhua and Sheffield to win the Gold Slam at the World Championships in Cortina, which won a parallel gold and bronze medal in the giant slalom.

The 24-year-old Austrian also won the season at Lanzer Hyde, 1.24 seconds ahead of Shenfren.

The American, despite being only two years his senior, has hailed Lansberger as the leader of a new generation of skiers.

Either way, Sheffield has said she wants to try to win speed events this season as well.

“Ideally, I’ve been running a similar schedule in the years before last season, but we’ll have to see how it works,” he said.

It has a record of 86 victories, all in Salem or the giant Salem, founded between 1974 and 1989 by Swedish sculptor Steinmark. Only compatriot Lindsay Van (82) has more in the women’s race.

On the men’s side, Pantoralt claimed behind last season’s overall gigantic slalom and parallel small globes, becoming the first French skier to win a major globe since Luc Alphand in 1997.

Defeating Switzerland veterans and Austria’s Vincent Kreichmeier, who won the speed double at Cortina Worlds, can be expected to put the podium in trouble throughout the season, the men’s stand-out races at the famous resort I will come on the snow of the house. Kitzbuehel in January.

Switzerland’s Marco Odermut and Austria’s Marco Schwartz will certainly challenge P Pantoralt in the race for the title.

After a season with race behind closed doors, Soldin’s Raton Bach Glacier, at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, will once again welcome the public, but with better health protection protocols.

A two-week quarantine is awaited for these unvaccinated scarecrow weekends in Canada (November 26-28, men; December 3-5, women).

“The goal is to maintain the entire World Cup calendar at all events,” an International Ski Federation (FIS) official told AFP.

“If national rules are too restrictive for too many racers to enter the country, the FIS will study these cases on a case-by-case basis.”

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