The Prime Minister will visit Saudi Arabia tomorrow


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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Saudi Arabia tomorrow to attend the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI) summit in Riyadh.

The Prime Minister will be in the country from October 23 to 25, the statement said.

The prime minister will be accompanied by a high-level delegation, including the foreign minister and other cabinet members, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

“At the MGI Summit, the Prime Minister will share his views on the challenges facing developing countries due to climate change,” the statement said.

“The MGI Summit is being held on the initiative of the Royal Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz. This event is the first of its kind in the Middle East,” the statement added.

The “Green Saudi Arabia” and “Green Middle East” initiatives were launched by the Crown Prince in March 2021 to protect nature and the planet.

Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed the two initiatives and offered to share experiences and lessons from Pakistan’s “Clean and Green Pakistan” and “10 Billion Tree Tsunami” projects.

The Foreign Office confirmed that Prime Minister Imran Khan would hold bilateral meetings with the Saudi leadership to create more opportunities for trade, economic ties and Pakistani manpower between the two countries.

“The two sides will also exchange views on regional and international issues of mutual interest,” the Foreign Office said.

The Prime Minister will attend an interactive session in which he will invite investment in Pakistan. The session will be held with leading investors and businessmen from Saudi Arabia and Pakistanis in the kingdom.

The statement said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have a long and historic fraternal relationship, which is rooted in common beliefs, common history and mutual cooperation.

He added that Saudi Arabia is home to more than 2 million Pakistanis and is contributing to the development and prosperity of both countries.

“Relations have been marked by repeated high-level visits, close cooperation in all fields, and mutual cooperation in regional and international issues, including the OIC Contact Group in Jammu and Kashmir,” it said.

The statement said that the Prime Minister’s visit would further the positive momentum of cooperation between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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