The magnificent eagle wins Matsuima in Japan.



Hideki Matsuyama fulfilled her lifelong dream of winning the PGA Tour event on home turf in Japan when she hovered on the 72nd hole to win a spectacular Zoozo Championship on Sunday.

The US Masters champion sealed the victory with Saturday’s shot, a magnificent five-yard touchdown from 250 yards to set the Eagle Three at number five at the Accordia Golf Narashino Country Club outside Tokyo.

Matsuyama pulled a 15-foot putt out of an enthusiastic roar of 5,000 fans surrounded by green and slammed into the air as he completed the final round of 65 for a five-shot victory over American Cameron Triangle.

“Winning in front of the Japanese fans here in this country was one of my biggest goals. I am very happy that I was able to achieve it,” said Matsuyama, who finished 15-under with a total score of 265. ۔

“One of the things that was going on for me was the fans who were connecting for me and they were behind me, so I’m glad I was able to change the energy from the crowd. I’m very happy.”

For Matsuyama, Japan’s first male major winner, it was his seventh PGA Tour win and the disappointment of failing to win a medal at his home Olympics this summer.

The Japanese number one had a hard time coping after losing the bronze seven-way playoff in Tokyo 2020 after putting a lot of pressure on himself at the Tokyo Games.

He admitted to the tension again on Sunday when he fought a shotdown at number 10 and said he did not loosen up until “that second shot” at the last hole.

Matsuyama outscored Tiger Woods in the inaugural Zoozo Championship at Narashino Country Club in 2019 as the 15-time winner won the 82nd PGA Tour on record.

Matsuyama promised his fans that he would return next year and win.

He was as good as his words, although it took 12 months longer than expected because the tournament was transmitted to California last year due to the corona virus.

“In 2019, Tiger won the Masters and went on to win the Zoozo Championship, so I’m glad I was able to emulate him,” Matsuyama said.

Before Triangle suffered a setback after the third round, Matsuyama extended his lead with a 30-foot putt for the eagle on the sixth hole to reach the 12-under.

He fired a shot at the difficult eighth, allowing Triangle to tie the second birdie of the day at the top of the leaderboard.

The 34-year-old American, who wanted to win his first PGA Tour in 12 years after becoming a professional, then took the lead for the first time with a second in par 10 as the tournament turned into a back-nine duel between the pair.

Matsuyama shifted one gear and took control of the back control with a brilliant run of three birdies in five holes starting from left to right 30 feet on the 11th.

In short, an enthusiastic 15-foot stand at No. 13 puts him in front, then the best crowd, a 31-foot puppet at No. 15, gives Mitsuyama a two-shot cushion that is still intact because the pair was standing. 18th T.

Triangle threw away the remaining chance as he found it deep rough on the right behind the trees.

Fearless Matsuyama avoided the opportunity to play safe and lay-up in trouble with his opponent, instead pulling his five sticks and digging a tournament shot to win the winner’s check for 7 1,791,000.

“Yeah, it’s really cool for that,” said a kind Triangle, whose boogie dropped him in a tie with fellow American Brandon Steele for a 10-under tie.

“Really pushing the door and hitting an incredible second shot and piercing the pit, it was a story book.”

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