Giroud dismisses the less important Milan after Torino.




Olivier Giroud scored the lone goal in AC Milan’s 1-0 win over Torino on Tuesday to take his side to the top of Serie A despite their exceptional performance at San Cerro.

France forward Giroud scored his fourth league goal since arriving in the 14th minute of a terrific summer clash with Chelsea to move Milan to three points ahead.

However, Napoli could take the top spot with a home win against Bologna on Thursday.

“I’m very happy, we did well at the start of the match and Torino didn’t create many chances after that,” Garrod said, referring to the Italian language before DAZN before converting to English.

“We have three points which is the most important. We play every three days and it is very difficult for the body, so everything was not perfect but we are very happy with tonight’s victory.”

The day Milan announced they had halved their losses to 96.4 million euros ($ 111.8 million) was the sixth consecutive Serie A win by Stefano Pioli.

However, with a long injury list slowly dwindling, it was far from a vintage performance against the Torino team that played its part and could score at least one point with some quick finishing.

Andrea Bellotti was substituted in the 54th minute, seconds after the Italian striker missed a worthy opportunity after a well-organized by Carol Leniti.

Antonio Sanabria missed Torino’s best chance with 14 minutes left, collecting Denis Pratt before hitting Denis Pratt too close to Cyprian Tatarosano.

And Phantom left the house fans in their hearts 11 minutes later when his shot deviated massively from Fakio Tomori and cut the top of the crossbar.

Torino pushed to a level but Milan maintained the victory with some unique defenses.

After Ethan Empado’s bizarre departure, Venezia suffered a late 2-1 home defeat when the hosts were left with 10 men for more than 20 minutes.

Andrea Schiavone won the rematch in the 95th minute in Venice, beating the struggling teams for the Salarnitana.

The side moved away from the bottom of the table with seven points, but despite winning the first round of the season, they are still in the relegation zone.

They are level on bottom-placed third-placed Genoa, who drew 1-1 at Spezia thanks to a 85th-minute penalty from Dominico Cristio.

“We need to keep that rhythm because it’s important. We played well, we were all together, today you saw a group that wanted to win and three points were very important,” Frank Ribery told DAZN.

Salernitana had a men’s lead in the 67th minute, with Matia Aramu and Federico Bonazoli equalizing.

Wales midfielder Ampado, 21, did what seemed to be the best tackle to remove Ribery, but was shown a red card by referee Marco de Bello.

The Venezuelan players surrounded De Bello in protest and the match official then went to the pitch side screen to check his decision at the behest of the VAR.

However, The Bello vaguely confirmed his decision to send Empado on loan from Chelsea to Venezia.

“We had a referee who was going to be the worst performer on the pitch,” Venezia coach Paolo Zenetti told DAZN.

“These are important matches in which we are fighting for our survival. They cannot be affected by such things.”


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