The third Chinese city is placed under the Kuwait Lockdown.


Authorities in Heihe order people to stay home as the country pursues zero cases before the Winter Olympics.


China on Thursday placed a third city under lockdown to deal with the Kwade 19 numbers, with about 6 million people now ordered to stay at home as Beijing pursues zero cases ahead of the upcoming Winter Olympics. does.

Since its first appearance in Central China in 2019, the country has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to the virus, which has prevented outbreaks with border closures, targeted lockdowns and severe quarantine.

Although austerity measures have kept the number of new cases much lower than in most countries, the world’s most populous nation is currently experiencing small outbreaks in at least 11 provinces.

The restoration this week prompted authorities to close the Aegean in Lanzhou, a city of more than four million people, and in the area of ​​Inner Mongolia.

Authorities in Heihei, Heilongjiang Province, followed up on Thursday, ordering people to stay indoors and forcing residents to leave the northern city in addition to emergencies, according to a local government statement. Forbidden

The statement said city authorities – which share a border with Russia in the north – had also begun investigating 1.6 million residents and began tracking the victim’s close contacts.

State media reported that bus and taxi services have been suspended and vehicles are not allowed to leave the city.

China reported 23 new domestic cases on Thursday, less than half of the previous day, indicating that the country is working hard to control diseases.

Lanzhou, which has been in lockdown since Tuesday, recorded only one new case, while Aegean – which has about 35,000 – added seven, according to government statements.

In many cities, including Beijing, tens of thousands more are under targeted lockdown of housing compounds.

The capital, which will host the Winter Games in February, has also cut off access to tourist destinations and urged residents not to leave unless necessary.

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