Imran Khan angry over insult to Shoaib Akhtar on PTV


Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said on Friday that Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken notice of an on-air altercation between former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar and PTV Sports anchorperson Dr Noman Niaz.

I was speaking Geo News In the program “Geo Pakistan”, he said that the Prime Minister has also taken notice of this matter and directed the committee to take immediate action.

Khan said that Imran Khan was also angry that the show’s host had insulted the national star.

Elaborating on his position, Khan said: “This is an unfortunate incident. No one is greater than the state and no one can abuse his power.”

“Whatever the reason, no one can insult anyone,” he added. He said that a common man should be respected in the same way as a famous person, politician or minister.

“You can’t ask anyone to air the show, it’s arrogance,” he said, adding that Dr Niaz should have valued himself and Akhtar.

He recalled that Akhtar was the only person who raised the flag of Pakistan and silenced India after hitting the middle stump of the great Indian Sachin Tendulkar.

Dr Niaz should have thought a hundred times before insulting Akhtar. He questioned how we treat our national stars in front of the great players of international cricket.

“People from all over the world are watching this show. It was a big day for Pakistan. Our team had beaten New Zealand. Everyone was celebrating and it happened,” he said.

Khan reiterated that no one should treat our national stars like this.

Acknowledging Akhtar’s efforts to resolve the issue on air, he said: “I would also admire Akhtar because, contrary to his nature, he acted calmly, even though he is known for his aggression. Because he is a fast bowler.

Highlighting Niaz’s statement that he would not allow anyone else to host the show, the minister said that the official channel does not belong to anyone’s father and does not do shows.

Everyone was watching the show and the channel is run from the national treasury, no one has the right to say who will host the show or who will not, no one is inevitable. He emphasized that the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan could not do that.

He added that he was told by the media that all the members of the panel were present in the studio on Thursday and Niaz did not allow the show to proceed.

“I have no personal grudge against Niaz but he had no right to insult our national star. By doing so, he has insulted the entire nation,” Khan added.

Akhtar has raised the Pakistani flag around the world and is one of the few stars – including Imran Khan Javed Miandad – who has no conflict with his career.

He said that investigation would be carried out in this regard and immediate action would be taken.

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