The ICC asked the ECB to investigate the crowd disorder during the Pak-Afghan conflict


The ICC apologized to the spectators who could not enter the stadium despite having valid tickets. Image: File

Dubai: The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Saturday asked the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) to conduct a full investigation into the crowd malfunction during the T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and Afghanistan at the Dubai International Stadium. ۔

In a statement, the ICC said more than 16,000 tickets had been issued for the clash between Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, without tickets, thousands of spectators traveled to the venue and then tried to force their way into the stadium.

Apologizing to the spectators who could not enter the stadium despite having valid tickets, the ICC advised them to contact the ticket provider.

The statement read, “The ICC, BCCI and ECB apologize to any spectators with valid tickets who could not enter the stadium tonight and request that they contact the ticket provider.” ۔ “

The ICC said it would work with the authorities to ensure that the situation does not recur in the future.

Praising law enforcement, the ICC said Dubai police and security personnel secured the stadium to ensure the safety of everyone inside, adding that it was important to disperse the crowd and calm the situation. Bring resources.

On Friday, at around 7 pm, Dubai police closed the gates of the stadium to maintain a safe and peaceful atmosphere inside the venue.

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