#BanIPL Trends on Twitter after India’s defeat


Following India’s embarrassing defeat against New Zealand in the ICCT20 World Cup 2021, Twitteris around the world celebrated Field Day.

India had already lost the first match of the T20 World Cup against Pakistan, but after losing to New Zealand, the fans in India expressed their sarcasm on Twitter and the Pakistanis certainly jumped on it.

Immediately after New Zealand’s eight-wicket win, memes about the blue men began flooding Twitter and the #BanIPL trend was taking hold in the neighboring country. While the Indians lamented the defeat, Twitter joked that the match was ‘fixed’.

Pakistani netizens also teased their neighbors on Twitter and mocked Bollywood, which won India’s match against every team they faced.

Some Indian fans also questioned Virat Kohli’s reputation as a captain.

While the internet is full of memes against blue men, many commentators and cricketers are debating the ban on the IPL, with a clear distinction between playing for the IPL and playing for the country.

Team India will now play Afghanistan, Namibia and Scotland in the remaining group fixtures.

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