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Xavi Hernandez said on Wednesday that he was “looking forward to going home” and hoped that Barcelona could sign a deal with the club in “hours, maybe days” to ensure his return to the club as coach. Coins

Xavi is Barca’s first choice to replace Ronald Koeman, but he has two years left on his contract with the Qatari club from Spain, where he took over as coach in 2019.

“The two clubs are in talks and it needs to be resolved,” Zawi said after Al-Sadd’s 3-3 draw with Al-Duhail on Wednesday.

“I’m looking forward to going home, as you can imagine, but it’s an honor. I have a contract and both clubs have to agree on it.

“I am very excited to go home and even more so to be the coach of Barcelona, ​​which has a lot of responsibility, but I am very excited and excited.”

Zawi said there was a “small release clause” in his Saddam deal, which was reportedly set at around 5 million euros ($ 5.8 million). He seemed hopeful that an agreement would be reached.

“I’m very positive, I’m just like that, I’m very clear about what I want,” Zavi said. “I think it’s a matter of hours, maybe days. They know my position, hopefully it can be done.”

Barcelona sent vice-president Rafa Juste and football director Matteo Almani to Doha for talks on Wednesday, but club president John Laporta did not travel with them.

Al-Yamani and Usti both watched Al-Sad’s game against Al-Duhail from the stands.

Al-Sad’s chief executive Turki al-Ali wrote in a statement on Wednesday: “We welcome the visit of the Barcelona delegation, and we appreciate and respect it.

“The club’s position is clear from the start – we are committed to keeping our coach Zawi with us and we cannot leave him at this critical time of the season.”

After blowing the whistle full time, Zawi was seen welcoming his players one by one in the tunnel.

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