The reality TV star accused Shane Warren of sending his ‘X-rated’ messages


Former Australian cricketer Shane Warren. Image: File

A reality TV star has accused Australian cricketer Shane Warren of sending inappropriate and “ex-rated” messages on Instagram.

Married at first sight Star Jessica Power revealed on Big Brother VIP when she revealed how the Australian cricket icon sent her racial messages on photo and video sharing platforms.

In a post shared on Instagram about her alleged conversation with Warren, Jessica can be seen saying that she will not come to her bedroom because she is “not such a girl.”

Over the next two weeks, according to the screenshot, Warren allegedly asked Jessica to meet him. He did not respond to Warren and eventually blocked him on the WhatsApp.

Sharing a screenshot of the text message chain on Instagram, Jessica wrote: “I’m really sorry I left you to read!”

About Big Brother VIP, Jessica said when she started talking to Shane Warren, “He’s just done a real X-ray. And I was like I can’t. No wonder he He’s in trouble all the time. “

“As crazy as I was, I can’t believe you’re writing this message.”

Model Eli Gonsalves, 30, said she also received inappropriate messages from the former spinner.

“It’s just that between us, he’s done it to me. He’s literally tried to DM. [direct message] Invite me and me out. I don’t have time for that, I’ve been around for 13 years, “he revealed.

Jessica shared some offensive details of the messages she claims were sent.

He asked me, “Can I say hello?” And I replied, “I don’t cut.” And he said, “What if I tell you?”

‘You’re my father’s age!’ He replied with a laugh.

Shane Warren has not yet commented on the controversy.

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