Canelo saw the undisputed history at the plant showdown


Las Vegas:

In exchange for the Mexican pound, Pound King Saul “Canelo” Alvarez joined a special club on Saturday as he aims to become the first undisputed super middleweight champion in boxing history.

The 31-year-old star faces the Caleb plant at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, seeking to include his US rival’s IBF belt in his WBA, WBC and WBO titles.

Alvarez will become the sixth male fighter since WBO began approving the World Title Fight in 1988 to win four ballots simultaneously from the Boxing Alphabet Soup of Governing Bodies.

Only five other boxers – Oleksandr Usyk (Cruiserweight), Bernard Hopkins (Middleweight), Jermaine Taylor (Middleweight), Terrence Crawford (Super Lightweight) and Josh Taylor (Super Lightweight) – held all four belts together. Are

“Only five male fighters in the history of boxing have become undisputed champions,” Alvarez said. “I want to be sixth. That’s all I have in mind.

“This fight is going to be history. You are going to witness something that you will remember for a long time.”

Alvarez last defended his title in May, defeating Britain’s Joe Saunders in Arlington, Texas with an eight-round stoppage, to improve to 56-1 with two draws and 38 knockouts.

Alvarez’s record remains the only one left in Floyd Mayweather’s decision to lose at the MGM Grand in 2013.

If the plant adds another defeat to the Mexican record on Saturday, it will be a memorable upset – bookmakers have Alvarez 1/12 favorite while Plant 6/1 underdog.

In the final round of Saturday’s bout, the two men see an end to the feud that erupted at their face-to-face press conference in Los Angeles in September, when Alvarez filled a fork through the plant. Angered at the tire and hit a punch. Cut the American under his right eye.

“He crossed the line and maybe too much, that’s why it’s personal,” Alvarez said after the argument, accusing the plant of insulting his mother.

The Mexican struck a different tone earlier this week, however, insisting that he would remain calm as usual, calculating himself after climbing the ropes on Saturday.

“It’s very different when you’re in the ring, so I don’t really take anything from our fight at the first press conference,” Alvarez said.

Plant, who holds a 21-0 (12 knockout) record in Saturday’s fight, insists he did not intend to insult Alvarez’s mother.

The 29-year-old’s own mother, Beth Plant, was shot dead by police after being stabbed by police as she was receiving medical treatment in 2019.

“At the first press conference, I didn’t intend to come under Canello’s skin,” Plant said. “I think the media takes advantage of that more than we do. We’ve both been in an even worse fight. It’s different when the bell rings. “

The death of Plant’s mother two years ago marked another tragic chapter in a tragic life. In 2015, the plant’s 20-month-old daughter, Alia, who was born with a brain disorder that put her at risk for seizures, died of a respiratory infection that turned into pneumonia.

These experiences have shaped Plant’s weekend showdown journey and mean he’s desperate to face one of his game’s most successful – and ruthless – practitioners.

“I have to work in any necessary way,” Plant said. “That’s what my team and I have done so far to get to this point. Whether it’s boxing or in life, I’ve gotten here in every way possible.

“I’ve been an underdog before. It’s a place I like to be. I like people to take root against me. It gives me extra encouragement, but when you’re fighting for non-controversial status. , So you don’t need more encouragement than that. “

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