Ireland has asked workers to resume work from home.


LONDON: Ireland said on Tuesday it was expanding its CoVID-19 vaccination booster program and certification scheme, urging people to return to work from home as cases and hospital admissions continue to rise across the country. Is.

In a televised address, Prime Minister Michael Martin said it was becoming increasingly clear that the country was facing “another outbreak of cod infection” and needed to “act now.”

“Our advice now is that everyone should work from home unless it is absolutely necessary for them to be present in person,” he added.

Martin noted that Ireland’s coveted pass scheme, which is based on vaccination or virus recovery, would now legally include cinemas and theaters, while bars and pubs would now have to close until midnight. ۔

He also said that everyone who promotes the vaccine will be provided with the basic condition and every person above the age of 50 years.

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According to Martin, last week saw the second-highest rate of coronavirus hospitalization this year.

This is despite the fact that Ireland has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with almost 90% of those over 12 years of age fully employed.

The country reopened completely only on October 22, after an 18-month lockdown was introduced to limit infection.

Authorities on Tuesday recorded 4,407 new cases, compared to the previous week, when the virus killed more than 5,500 people in a country of about 5 million.

Dublin’s move to change the rules is a reflection of some other European countries that are suffering from similar infections.

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