Corda is ready to duel in the LPGA Tour Championship.



The season-long match between world number one Nellie Corda and second-ranked KK Jin-young reached its climax on Thursday when the two rivals competed in the LPGA Tour Championship at Florida’s Taboron Golf Club.

Korda and Ko dominated women’s golf in 2021, regularly changing the world number one ranking to win eight tournaments between them, and Korda also won an Olympic gold medal.

Corda is hoping to crown the season with a fifth LPGA Tour victory and is heading to Naples this weekend’s final tournament after a roller coaster victory at the Pelican Championships on Sunday.

The 23-year-old American star has already made a comeback this year, winning the women’s PGA Championship in June, a week after winning the Major LPGA Classic in Belmont, Michigan.

However, Corda took precautions to save energy in this week’s event in the wake of her victory over the Pelicans, when she escaped a triple boogie at the last hole before winning the playoffs.

“Last week was definitely going to boost confidence, but I’ve always said that it’s really hard to win like a comeback because you’re definitely a little bit mentally and physically a week earlier,” Corda said. Korda said.

“So make sure I’m resting well and that I’m going to be 100 جمع on Thursday, and that I’ll be 100 ار on Sunday and be the center of my attention this week.”

Corda says her glorious year was frustrated by the lack of a rescheduled US Women’s Open last December.

“I think it was a turning point for me, where I changed my behavior a little bit,” Corda said. “I was really disappointed when I left this kit. Then I turned it on.”

Corda, meanwhile, acknowledged that she was still in the trap of success, pointing out that reorganizing her trophy cabinet was one of her off-season priorities.

That includes finding a place for her Olympic gold medal, which has been with her around the world since her victory in Tokyo in August – stuck in a sock to keep her safe.

“I didn’t want to scratch it, so it went in the sock,” he said.

“Every time I went through (airport) security I was stopped and I was like, ‘OK, be really careful with it when you take it out. Don’t scratch it!'”

Meanwhile, Ko is going to be the defending champion in this week’s event.

The 26-year-old from Seoul showed warmth last month, winning two titles in October, with wins in Portland in September and Texas in July.

Koo said his grandmother’s death in March had affected his winning streak.

“After her death, I thought she really wanted to see a lot of victories from heaven,” he said.

“So I worked hard and I won four tournaments. So she’s going to be happy.”

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