Hamilton is ready for Qatar’s new challenge.



Refreshed by his biggest win, Lewis Hamilton will be on the cusp of a wave this weekend as he looks for another crucial victory against Max Versaten in the opening Qatar Grand Prix.

Just days after the most spectacular victory of his career at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, the 36-year-old, a passionate surfer, will be strengthened by the fighting spirit of Mercedes and the sense of speed on the Lucille International circuit.

Putting aside the protests, controversy and Stewards’ reviews, Hamilton knows that if he has the same obvious advantage over the speed thanks to his new Mercedes Power Unit, he could sharpen Verstappen’s championship lead because he is unknown. I go

The Dutchman has a 14-point lead over Brazil, but could be reduced if he reviews his offensive move to defend his lead at Interlagos as a result of penalties affecting the outcome of the race. I.

A five-second pass would take him to third place and cost him three points, adding to Red Bull’s growing anger, and a clear lack of confidence in Hamilton’s pace, as his rivalry with Mercedes I’m getting worse.

“If Hamilton is even better this weekend in Qatar and then in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, we can end this title,” Helmet Marco, an influential adviser to the Red Bull, told F1-Insider.

“I have never seen such a rocket engine from a Mercedes.

“We could not stop Hamilton on the straight path, even though he was driving towards Monaco at a similar steep angle with the rear arm.

“But only Hamilton has that speed. Other Mercedes drivers are not a problem for us.”

Referring to the German publication, Marco added that the Red Bulls were considering launching another protest against Hamilton’s car.

“We are primarily concerned about two things that we can talk to the FIA ​​about, but the protest will only happen if we have evidence that something is out of the rules.” That’s not fair. “

Two areas of concern are Hamilton’s new engine and ‘Ride Height’ system, which allegedly lowers its vehicle in a straight line to reduce drag and speed.

Hamilton was assigned a series of fines in Brazil, where he was the fastest in qualifying, but at the top of the five-point grid drop for a new engine, from the back of the grid due to irregularity of the rear wing. Sprint race started.

The decision of the authorities not to take any action after these blows and the missteps of the race between Versatopen, which has since been requested for review by Mercedes, strengthened the determination of the champions.

Team boss Tutu Wolf said he was proud of his team’s response.

“It was a victory through hardships and I can’t be proud of the fighting spirit of every member of my team,” he said.

“With each blow, our resolve grew stronger, and this already close team grew stronger with each challenge that got in our way.

“Lewis completed a great victory, which will be rightly talked about for years to come. For us, this victory is just one important step in our journey and our purpose is clear.”

Looking forward to the final phase of the demanding triple header, he added: “We have arrived in Qatar for a new challenge, a brand new circuit for the F1 and on which we cannot wait to race.

“We’ve prepared for a new track the way we can – and the performance picture, from circuit to circuit, is unpredictable, but as Brazil has shown, even on the back foot. This team will always be at war.

“The final race of the triple header can sometimes test your energy level, but with only three races to decide both championships, our enthusiasm is greater than ever.”

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