Moyes Renaissance West Ham is dreaming big



West Ham manager David Moyes is enjoying a long-awaited resurgence in the wilderness after years as Scott masterminded his club’s unexpected bid to reach the Champions League.

The Moyes are flying high in the Premier League and a win in the Wolves on Saturday will strengthen their position in the top four.

West Ham have won their last four league games and reached third place with a stunning 3-2 victory over Liverpool before the international break.

With leaders just three points behind Chelsea, Moyes’ men have made their fans dream of a Champions League campaign for the first time.

And for the first time since 1985/86, when John Lyle’s team finished third, West Ham could emerge as the Dark Horse in the title race.

Moyes has not only ended Liverpool’s unbeaten run of 25 games this season, but also ended Manchester City’s reign as League Cup holders after knocking out Manchester United in the same competition. Is.

They are solid evidence of the remarkable overhaul by Skull Moises on both his club and his own reputation, as he returned to West Ham in December 2019 for a second spell.

At the time, West Ham was one point above the relegation zone, while Moyes was considered damaged after his nightmare at Manchester United.

When Moyes was hired by United in 2013, Scott was seen as one of the brightest young managers in the Premier League after his illustrious 11-year stint at Everton.

Although unable to provide any silverware at Godison Park, it took Everton to the top four in 2005 and kept them in the top half of the table on a limited budget.

Moises’ appointment to United was confirmed by Alex Ferguson, who recommended his compatriot before retiring.

Inheriting the title-winning team, Moyes was expected to maintain the success of the Ferguson era, but he never looked comfortable in the glare of the Old Trafford spotlight.

Everton midfielder Marwane Fellini, a player whose initial style was at odds with United’s noble principles, has been criticized and ridiculed for his cautious tactics after signing.

Moises soon wore the sad expression of a man who knew his dream was fading before his eyes.

After less than a season in charge, he was sacked in April 2014, leaving United at number seven and for the first time since 1995 to miss out on a place in the Champions League.

Moyes returned to Real Sociedad just a few months later, but once again he became a fish out of water.

After this lost year in the Basque Country, Sunderland had an even tougher experience.

After taking power at the Stadium of Light in 2016, Moises’ team was knocked out of the Premier League in its first and only season, after he was forced to apologize after telling a female interviewer. That could “slap” him.

At the time, it was hard to imagine that he was saving his declining career.

But it did save West Ham from deportation in 2018, and while that was not enough to keep him in the job at the time, Moyes stuck to his principles and finally got back into fashion.

In his second spell at the club, reshuffling his squad with Bargain Signing with Tomas Sosic, Vladimir Koffel, and Jarrod Bowen, Moyes has put West Ham in his disciplined and brilliant image, which he did last season. I finished sixth in the Premier League.

After all, London Stadium – ridiculed by West Ham fans after the move in 2016 – is becoming a dynamic home for the top team.

“I think we’re there on merit. You can see the quality and attitude of the players,” Moyes said.

“I want us to challenge the teams in the top four. I have put this challenge in front of the players. Hopefully we can be one of them.”

West Ham’s target is high and whether they reach the Champions League or not, Moyes’ remarkable recovery is one of the stories of the season.

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