Test captain Penn resigns over sexting scandal


Australian captain Tim Penn.

SYDNEY: Tim Payne abruptly resigned as Australia’s Test captain on Friday over a “private text exchange” with a female partner – a major announcement in the weeks leading up to the Ashes series against arch-rivals England.

Leaving World Cricket and one of the highest figures in Australian public life, Pan cried.

“About four years ago, I was involved in a text exchange with a colleague at the time,” said Penn, now 36, referring to an alleged sexual graphic exchange with a female co-worker. Which is just becoming common now.

“I recently learned that this private text exchange is about to go public. Considering, my actions in 2017 do not meet the standards of the Australian cricket captain, or the wider community,” he said.

“I am very sorry for the pain and suffering I have inflicted on my wife, my family and the other party.

Pan’s departure has left Australia without a captain, who has been praised for improving team culture since being appointed in 2018.

Stating that he was stepping down from a role he “liked” and calling it the “greatest honor” of his life, Penn insisted he was still in the upcoming series against England. Intend to play

“I will be a committed member of the Australian cricket team and look forward to a big Ashes tour,” he said.

– ‘Elite Integrity’ –

But in reality his future in the series and international Test cricket is now in serious doubt.

Tasmanian batsman wicketkeeper took over as Test captain in March 2018 following a “sandpaper gate” scandal that rocked Australian cricket.

The then-captain Steve Smith and his vice-captain David Warner had to give up their roles after trying to replace the ball with sandpaper during the Cape Town Test.

The pair were suspended from all cricket for a year and stripped of their leadership roles, paving the way for Penn to take over the captaincy.

Once back in office, Penn became the face of a campaign to restore trust, and the ladies of Australian cricket, to replace the hard-charged culture with “elite honesty”.

It has now come to light that Australian cricket authorities were investigating allegations of sexual misconduct at the time and retaining Penn as captain regardless.

Cricket Tasmania said it had concluded that the relationship was “consensual, private” and “between adults”.

The woman involved was fired and is now facing criminal charges of alleged theft, filed in mid-2018.

Cricket Australia has said it has accepted Penn’s resignation, and the board “will now work through the process of identifying and appointing a new captain.”

Cricket Australia “does not condone such language or behavior. Despite his mistake, Tim has been an exceptional leader since his appointment and the board would like to thank him for his outstanding services.” Added.

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