Byron suffered a “bitter” defeat at Augsburg



Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich suffered a shock 2-1 defeat to German midfielder Joshua Kimich at Stuttgart Augsburg on Friday, returning to the quarantine after contacting someone who had a positive experience at Covid 19. Was

Goals from Mads Pedersen and Andre Han gave Augsburg a 2-0 lead and although Robert Lewandowski scored his 14th goal in 12 league games, it was not enough to save Bayern.

“We deserve to be left behind in the first half,” Thomas Mرller told DAZN after Byron’s 600th appearance ended in disappointment.

“We left the occupation, mistreated the cross. This is a bitter blow to us and our trust.”

The Bundesliga leaders suffered their second defeat of the league this season and their third in all competitions, while Augsburg escaped the bottom three.

Second-placed Borussia Dortmund could now reduce Bayern’s four-point lead when they host Stuttgart on Saturday.

The Augsburg Arena was shrouded in thick fog, but the hosts were very clear with their game plan.

Brazil’s left-back Iago wreaked havoc on the edge as Augsburg, who were third from the bottom before the kick-off, deserved a 2-0 lead.

Iago swung Swiss striker Andy Zachary into the cross, who gave the ball to Pedersen 23 minutes later to Manuel Neuer to drill his first Bundesliga goal.

Kimich is once again watching at home, having only been released from home quarantine on Tuesday, with Byron struggling in midfield.

Augsburg doubled his lead to the delight of the home crowd when Kemch’s replacement, Marcel Sabitzer, lost his grip and Iago bounced off the cross again as Han headed home in the 36th minute.

Bayern responded when Thomas Mرller cleverly threw the ball into the path of Lewandowski, who delivered his shot home to Augsburg goalkeeper Rafael Gekiewicz despite receiving gloves on the ball.

With a 2-1 lead over Bayern on the break, Julian Naglasman plunged the momentum into the right with Alfonso Davis – whom Mرller called “Byron’s road runner”.

The Canadian navy stopped attacks on Augsburg’s side and had two clear chances, but 20 minutes later Nagilsman added a second striker along with Lewandowski as well as Eric Maxim Chopu Moting.

Over time, Lewandowski was denied a strong save from Gikiewicz as Augsburg maintained their first win against Bayern since 2015.

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