Parliament has not yet decided in which election the EVM will be used: AGP


Attorney General of Pakistan Khalid Javed Khan Image: File

ISLAMABAD: Attorney General of Pakistan Khalid Javed Khan on Sunday said that Parliament has not yet decided whether EVM will be used in general elections and i-voting will be introduced.

Speaking to Geo News, the attorney general said the government would defend the use of EVMs and i-voting if they were challenged in court by the opposition.

Opposition leaders announced on November 17 that they would challenge the electoral reform bill in the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, hinting at introducing further electoral reforms, Khalid Javed Khan said that the government had prepared 75 amendments to the Elections Act 2017, but some of these amendments were removed from the bill, which was passed by Parliament. Had done, after which he had made some other modifications. Other ministers expressed reservations.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had decided to block some of these amendments. The Attorney General said that these amendments would be tabled in Parliament after their reservations were removed.

The government bulldozed legislation on the use of EVMs.

Earlier, on November 17, the government passed 33 bills in a joint sitting of parliament, with the opposition rejecting the legislation, saying the treasury benches had bulldozed the bills.

Among the bills passed, the most important were amendments to the Elections Act 2017, which allowed the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and gave Pakistanis living abroad the right to vote in general elections.

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs Babar Awan had introduced the Elections (Second Amendment) Bill 2021 to bring the required amendments.

The motion to consider the bill was passed by a majority as a total of 221 lawmakers voted in favor of the motion while 203 lawmakers opposed it.

Parliament rejected the amendments proposed by opposition lawmakers, including MNA Mohsin Dawar, Senator Taj Haider and Mushtaq Ahmed.

Following the passage of the Elections Second Amendment Bill 2021, with the technical assistance of the Election Commission of Pakistan, National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) and any other authority or agency, To exercise their right to vote, Radio Pakistan reported.

The bill also authorizes the ECP to purchase electronic voting machines for voting in general elections.

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