Anyone wins the title as Hamilton in Qatar.



Lewis Hamilton won Sunday’s inaugural Qatar Grand Prix to reduce Max Verstappen’s World Championship lead to less than eight points with a superb performance from the pool and set the kind of thrilling ending to this unforgettable Formula One The season is worth it.

The seven-time Mercedes champion casually stopped his Dutch opponent’s Red Bull under the lights of the Los Angeles circuit, leaving the battle for the F1 driver’s crown with only two races left.

One week after his toughest and biggest win in Brazil, Hamilton enjoyed his easiest win.

And an unprecedented eighth world title seems to be slipping away from his grasp after Versatopen’s victories in the USA and Mexico.

“I can’t wait to see the race replay what happened to me,” he said after his 102nd career victory.

“It was very lonely in front of me – of course I enjoy the races you are fighting but we needed those points today.

“It’s been a hell of a year. Win back here, look good, I’m feeling fit, more fit than I’ve felt. Bring the next two!”

Worstappen, who finished second to seventh on the grid for violating the yellow flag in Saturday’s qualifying, finished second, earning one point for the fastest leap.

“Our starting position was compromised, but fortunately we had a good start,” he said.

“Sure, I know it’s going to be tough by the end, but it keeps it good, it keeps it excited. It was fun to run this track. I like it, but it’s going to be a tough fight by the end. . “

Hamilton’s high-speed engine was installed in Sao Paulo last weekend, possibly in mid-December, a fortnight before the end of the season race in Abu Dhabi. Will give time

Fernando Alonso took third place for the Alpine, the first podium of the two-time former world champion since 2014. The 40-year-old is receiving tremendous encouragement from the crowd.

The 20th Race of the Season was held in Qatar from one year to one day after the start of the FIFA World Cup and the trophy was on display, as were some of the best players in the game – David Beckham, Andrea Perlo and John Terry touches on how fast Hamilton takes corners.

Playing the rainbow helmet he wore in practice and qualifying for the Human Rights and Equality Awareness, Hamilton made a dreamy start, quickly stepping out of the pack and running from seventh to fourth. Came on

Charging Versatopon knocked Pierre Gasley’s Alpha Tory from third to third in the lap, with Alonso falling shortly after, leaving only Hamilton in his cross hair.

With the new engine, Hamilton was leaving his Red Bull chase for desert dust before firing on all Brazilian cylinders.

Verstappen, nine seconds behind, was the first to hit 18 laps, starting again in the second.

Mercedes covered the move, with Hamilton in the next lap and the British starting again with a lead of about eight seconds.

Like the game of shadow boxing, Mercedes adopted the same strategy the next time Verstappen hit the field, leaving Hamilton on the brink of victory, and the Red Bulls were surprised that they had lived up to their championship hopes. What can you do to keep it?

While there are many routes the driver can take to the crown of 2021, Verstappen will claim it if he wins in Saudi Arabia in a fortnight and Hamilton is out of the top 10.

Not all of Mercedes ‘cards were kind to him, although this weekend Voltaire Botas picked up a late puncture to leave Silver Arrows with a five-point lead over Red Bull in the Constructors’ Championship.

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