The quarantined fifth Bayern gives UCL a headache.



Bayern Munich will have to do without five quarantined stars in the Champions League, including Joshua Kimich, as the midfielder Dynamo has been embroiled in controversy over Germany’s refusal to vaccinate against Coved.

The Bavarian giants have already been confirmed as the winners of Group E in the last 16 before Tuesday’s match at the bottom of Dynamo Kiev.

However, Kimich, who refused to be vaccinated due to “personal concerns”, was quarantined for the second time this month after contacting someone who had tested positive.

On Sunday, Bayern confirmed that their other unvaccinated players, Serge Gunabri, Jamal Musayala, Eric Maxim Chopo-Moting and Michael Cousins, were also in quarantine due to exposure to a new corona virus.

Separating five players from their own selection before leaving for Ukraine is an undesirable distraction.

“It’s disturbing,” said head coach Julian Nagelsman before the weekend. Are. “

Bayern, in particular, lost Kamchatka’s midfield presence in a 2-1 defeat to Augsburg on Friday as stand-in-Marcel Sabitzer struggled to seize the lead, which led to a goal for the hosts.

Now Nagelsmann needs to find a suitable alternative to the first choice stars Kimmich and Gnabry in Kiev.

The defeat in Augsburg meant that Byron had reduced his lead in the Bundesliga by one point over the weekend, but Nagilsman refused to blame Kimich’s absence. “It’s not an excuse,” he said.

Despite this, Kimich continues to make daily headlines in Germany for all the wrong reasons.

Critics accused him of neglecting his duties as a role model and demanded that Kemch be vaccinated to set an example in football-crazy Germany.

Germany has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe, at 68 percent, and even outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a reconsideration.

Byron’s bosses allegedly summoned Kimich and his non-vaccinated colleagues on Thursday to inform them that their pay would be cut when they were alone because they had not taken the job.

Under the new rules, which take effect on November 1, employees who quit their jobs due to quarantine are not entitled to compensation if they have not been vaccinated.

For Kimich, whose annual salary reportedly reaches 20 million euros (23 million), a week’s quarantine means a loss of about 384,000 euros.

Former Bayern chairman Carl Heinz Romaning said on Sunday that the pay cut, if confirmed, was “a sign that the club is reacting now because it must react.”

The stand of the five unvaccinated stars has angered Byron fans, who have to show proof that they are fully vaccinated or have just recovered to participate in the Games.

In contrast, players only need to provide a negative test result.

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