Forced Marriage and their effects in Pakistani community


Forced Marriage and their effects in Pakistani community: Forced marriage is a Shotgun Weeding. You have the right to choose your life partner. It’s your own choice when you marry, who you marry, or if you marry at all. Marriage becomes a forced marriage if you have not been able to make any of those choices e.g. if you have faced physical pressure to marry like, physical violence, sexual violence,  threats, emotional/ psychological pressure like If you are made to feel like you are bringing shame on your family. If you are at risk of or have experienced, forced marriage, you are not alone in this world. 

Marriage became a forced marriage, which takes place against your will & marriage that you agreed to, but you did not really have a choice. Forced marriage includes situations where you feel pressured to the point where you agree, but only because you feel you did not have the choice to say no & the pressure put on you to marry against your will can take place in many ways.

Forced Marriage and its effects in the Pakistani community: It can be physical pressure, which includes threats of violence, physically harmed, sexual violence, etc & being told that you are a bad daughter, you have gone against your family, cultural & religious expectations, or being made to feel that you are bringing shame on the family. Emotional and psychological abuse can also include close family members making threats of suicide as a result of your refusal to agree to their wishes. Financial abuse can include not giving you any or enough money.

Forced Marriage and its effects on the Pakistani community

Forced marriage affects a wide range of communities, not only in Pakistan but also include Afghan, African, South Asian, etc communities. There are no religions in this world that support the practice of forced marriage. Forced marriage can happen to anyone from any background, regardless of social class, financial status, and sexuality; including people who identify as bisexual, gay & transgender. Forced marriage is different from an arranged marriage because in arranged marriage families are involved in selecting a partner but it is up to you whether decide you not to enter the marriage.

Forced Marriage and their effects in Pakistani community

But I think everything happens due to a reason & forces marriages to happen due to the following specific reasons that maybe are; Protection of young women, Saving family owners, control of women’s sexual relationships, A guarantee against poverty, Socio-economical factors, lack of education, etc. 

We can overcome forced marriages by taking the following steps; Make a one-time donation for girls’ & women’s education funds, take responsibility (sponsor) of a person or for some other thing, By providing awareness of the drawbacks of forced marriages. 

In Pakistan, Section 498-B of the PPC prohibits forced marriages & makes it a punishment extending to seven years but not less than three years & liable to a fine of RS 50,000.

To stop forced marriages connect to the Women Cell of the local police department of the city/village you are in & lodge a written complaint (FIR) against your parents for forcing you into marriage for which you didn’t give your free consent without force.


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