The Turning Point – 2022 film – Cast, Plot and Release date


The Turning Point is a thriller 2022 Italian film. The film is directed by Riccardo Antonaroli. Roberto Cimpanelli and Gabriele Scarfone are the writers of the film.

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  • Andrea Lattanzi plays the role of Jack
  • Brando Pacitto plays the role of Ludovico in The Turning Point
  • Ludovica Martino role name unkown
  • Chabeli Sastre role name unkown
  • Claudio Bigagli role name unkown
  • Marcello Fonte role name unkown
  • Cristian Di Sante role name unkown
  • Tullio Sorrentino role name unkown
  • Filippo Contri role name unkown
  • Max Malatesta role name unkown
  • J.V. Martin plays the role of Rosario (background voice)
  • Bruno Pavoncello plays the role of Spazzino
  • Grazia Schiavo plays the role of Ivana

Produced by

  • Francesco Cimpanelli is a producer of The Turning Point
  • Marco Valsania is also a producer
  • Marco Poccioni is also a producer
  • Corso Codecasa is a line producer
  • Davide Tovi is a supervising producer

Music by

  • Michele Braga

Cinematography by

  • Emanuele Zarlenga

Film Editing by

  • Esmeralda Calabria

Casting By

  • Anna Pennella

Production Design by

  • Sonia Peng

Set Decoration by

  • Paola Soldini

Costume Design by

  • Eleonora Di Marco

Makeup Department

  • Tiziana Porrazzo is a makeup department head
  • Silvia Sangiorgio is a makeup artist

Production Management

  • Nilo Argento is a production manager
  • Edoardo Bramucci is a production assistant
  • Frontori Riccardo is a production assistant

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The Turning Point - 2022 film - Cast, Plot and Release date

Director: Riccardo Antonaroli

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