My Brown Identity and this World


My Brown skin tone is not for sale after the colonization of the British an inferiority complex created by the British in our country is still somewhat living inside us. Society sets up some absurd beauty standards in which having a white or a fair skin tone is the top priority. The urge to hate ourselves, our unique skin tone, and our identity are still inside of us even after 74 years of independence from British Rule.

Companies and people take advantage because of these absurd beauty standards by selling fairness and whitening beauty creams. They have the word “Fair” or “Whitening” in their product to attract people to buy their goods. These companies sell our skin tone to market their product to people of color to make them feel awful about their natural skin tone.

Pakistan is a country where arranged marriage is preferred over love marriage. There are many cases of arranged marriage where the groom’s family wants a fair skin bride; if the bride does not have a light skin tone they put pressure on the bride’s family for dowry and look down upon the bride’s family. People in their own families get discriminated against because of their skin tone. There are many cases of bullying in our country because of our skin tone it happens to the common public and public figures.

Job opportunities are most of the time given to the fair skin tone people, especially in the field of media where most of the actors, actresses, anchors, and hosts are appointed for their beauty and fair skin because of this many deserving people don’t get the opportunity to show their potential.

The lack of representation of brown people in the media makes the public think that it is a standard of beauty in our country, which is an irony because most people in our country have brown skin tones. These unrealistic standards are impossible to achieve created by the capitalists and the thinking of our society which has not changed in years even when the whole world is moving forward we are still stuck where we were stuck before.  

The fashion industry and different clothing brands in Pakistan have been representing different skin tones, body shapes, and genders from time to time and are getting more diversified with time. The need to represent various skin tones is essential for all fields. It’s our utmost duty to educate people regarding this matter and make them realize to appreciate our skin.

We should boycott these fair and whitening creams and ban such companies who sell their product under the name of getting fair skin. We should make it a trend or a new beauty standard to love our skin tone. We have to make sure that the representation of different skin tones and our brown skin is not just for a show or for a business strategy but it is to represent and make us love our brown skin because brownies are not for SALE.


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