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Zeta Money Manager app review by professional personal finance consultants. Zeta app is a free mobile application for both Andriod and IOS that provide you a close eye on your personal monthly finance. This mobile app is developed by a couple to manage your different finances in one place. Using the zeta money manager app you will be able to manage the personal finance of your home, travel, office, eating, and a lot of other day-to-day activities.

Zeta bank will see eye-to-eye on your daily budget, spending, and savings for a new house, car, or vacation. Everything on the Zeta app is absolutely 100% free on this app. That will help you to manage your money chores in your relationship. This application also helps you master your money together and improve communication. The Zeta Money App does not guarantee that you will never ever fight again about money. They said that probably you will never fight again about money, as you use to do in past.

Zeta App Manager provides you with everyday financial tools to manage your monthly budget according to your family size. Maybe you are just a couple living in a small flat or a family of 3 or above living in a rented house or a student living away from home in a hostel. This Zeta bank mobile application will help you to manage your daily budget. With the help of the Zeta mobile application, you will be able to manage your personal finance very effectively.

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Zeta Money Manager App Review

What Zeta App will do?

Zeta Money Manager app was built with a mission to control your finances for everyday life. Zeta’s personal finance manager will track your budget for the whole month and year; bills of electricity, mobile phone, internet, Dish TV, etc; your net worth; your financial goals, and financial tasks. Zeta Bank manages all the tasks both for individuals and couples. So, you don’t have to do these tasks manually or on take-taking excel sheets. This personal finance management mobile application is specifically designed for couples with shared expenses and accounts. Additionally, it’s for those who are living together, engaged, married, or raising families.

Zeta app will also provide you with shared banking according to the modern needs of your finances. Being couples you will get two cards from Zeta Bank for one joint Zeta Bank account. Zeta Money Manager app also provides you with built-in features that help to build your relationship thrive. Money Manager in the Zeta application provides you with one-click budgeting. With Money Manager, you get one view of your finances in such an easy way.

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Zeta Money Manager app uses state-of-the-art to protect your money. Also, use bank-level security practices to protect your personal and financial data. Following are the security practices used by Zeta Bank:

  • This financial app doesn’t store your financial login or credentials anywhere on the internet.
  • Personal Finance mobile application use two-factor authentication (2FA) and data encryption.
  • An encrypted database of Zeta Bank ensures that data stay safe.
  • Zeta Bank provides FDIC insurance via their banking partner, Piermont Bank, and Member of FDIC.

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Features of Zeta App

  • Financial Mission Control: Zeta app provides financial mission control for one place to see your personal and shared finances.
  • Budget & Expense Tracking: Set a budget, check account balances, and track spending and savings, individually and as a couple.
  • Money Management For Couples: Split expenses between you and your partner, track your personal and shared bills, watch your net worth change daily, and achieve your money goals together.
  • Privacy Controls: Share as much or as little about your finances as you want with your partner.
  • Stay Up-to-date: Get push notifications as soon as you get paid, when you receive a refund, when your partner leaves you a note, or when your spending seems off.
  • Autopilot Features: Intelligent transaction tagging and budgeting; custom rules for viewing your data; alerts for upcoming bills, and more.
  • Master Your Money Goals: Set and track your personal and shared goals.
  • Improve Communication: Get updates monthly, weekly, and even daily to drive more productive conversations about money.
  • Multiple Platform Support: Leverage both our web and mobile apps based on your personal preferences.

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Zeta Money Manager Reviews

Over hundreds of people write Zeta Money Manager app reviews on different platforms of the internet. Most of the Zeta Money Manager app reviews from the Google Play Store apps rate this app 4 to 5 stars. Zeta bank app on Google shows an overall rating of 3.1 on the day of publishing this article. Most small business owners, students, couples, and family leaders write positive reviews about this personal finance mobile application.

Following are the few Zeta Money Manager app reviews from the Google Play Store:

  • Emmy Farkiya: Emmy in the Zeta Money Manager app review rated the app with a 2-star review with the feedback “Nice UI & like the information architecture of the app. Glad that my partner and i can have a complete picture of our shared finances. But, it takes longer for any changes to reflect on here than on mint. Task section (in overview tab) does not work at all. When you tap, it doesn’t show the pending task or transactions you need to review. Support is utterly unreachable. I’ve tried to contact multiple times, and not even a confirmation to my email is sent. Please be better.“.
  • Given Family: Given Family in the Zeta Money Manager app review rated the app with a 4-star review with the feedback “Pros: small company, (I’m pretty sure) they don’t sell your data, for couples too! Cons: some UI scaling issues w/text and elements being weird sizes. I wasn’t able to add a bank account via the mobile app if they had to call me for a one time code. Was able to add the account via the website just fine though“.
  • Dalia Gonzalez: Dalia in the Zeta Money Manager app review rated the app with a 3-star review with the feedback “Great alternative to Mint, although the app has some UI issues. Trying to change a category on a transaction is a guessing game of where on the tag responds to a click, if I hit the back button a few many times it takes me to a login screen? But if I exit the app and open it again I’m still logged in. Tapping paid on a bill doesn’t link it to a transaction. Review transactions are a blank page but there’s always one notification about it. Edit: also can’t log in with new device !“.
  • Dan G: Dan in the Zeta Money Manager app review rated the app with a 5-star review with the feedback “Love this app! Nice, intuitive, interface. Very timely tech support. Fixed a minor bug while I was on a chat session with them. Also were very attentive to suggested enhancements. I look forward to using this app and seeing it improve. A couple weeks later and this app and customer service people continue to impress. One of my credit cards would not connect. they elevated the issue and got it resolved in just a few days.
  • Janis Hernandez Aguilar: Janis in the Zeta Money Manager app review rated the app with a 3-star review with the feedback “It’s ok. A bit annoying tho. Clicking paid on a bill doesn’t automatically create a transaction or alter your budget. You have to add a seperate transaction. I know that section is meant as a reminder, but having to ‘pay’ something in two different areas is annoying. There’s also no way to set up reoccurring transactions, so even if your bank account auto pays something, you have to add it in the app each time. Also, good luck if you make a typo when making a category. Can’t delete any.”
  • Annie Barnhill: Annie in the Zeta Money Manager app review rated the app with a 3-star review with the feedback “I really wanted to like this app. At first, it works great. When you start filling in your bills, it consistently changes the amount, or states that it has been paid when it has not. Also if you add notes to a transaction when it’s pending, the notes disappear once it has gone through. As someone who is using the app to keep track of bills it is very frustrating to have them change every single time I login. I love all the features but the frustration may not be worth it.

Zeta app is a free mobile application you can download both Andriod and IOS.

Zeta Money Manager App Review for Android and iOS (iPhone)

Zeta Money Manager App Review, Zeta Bank, Zeta App, Zeta Bank, Zeta Budget. Financial app for personal finance management application.

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Operating System: iOS 11.0, Android 5.0

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