Highly qualified, professional officers assigned to lead Peshawar Corps: ISPR


Lieutenant General Noman Mehmood Kaur is handing over the command of Peshawar to Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed. – ISPR / file

Taking note of “stupid remarks” about Peshawar Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed, the army’s media wing said on Friday that “one of the most capable and professional officers” will always lead this formation. “Spa Hua”.

In a statement, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said the “core is a brilliant formation” leading the “two-decade-long national war on terror”.

A highly competent and professional officer has been assigned to lead this dignified formation. Are inappropriate.

The army’s media wing said that “such statements undermine the dignity and morale of the organization and its leadership.”

The ISPR said that the country’s senior political leadership is expected to refrain from making objectionable remarks against the institution whose brave officers and young men are constantly sacrificing their lives to protect the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan. Are doing

Keep the Armed Forces away from political discourse, DG ISPR

Immediately after the statement was issued, Director General ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar said that the country’s armed forces had made “repeated requests” to keep him away from political talks.

Speaking to a private news channel, the DG ISPR said that for the past few days, the country’s political leadership had been issuing some “extremely inappropriate statements” about the armed forces.

“We have repeatedly asked that the army not be involved in political affairs,” he said, adding that the armed forces had “nothing to do with politics in accordance with the law and the constitution of the country.”

He further said that the procedure for appointment of Army Chief has been clarified in the constitution.

“As an institution, we have been showing tolerance for a long time,” Maj. Gen. Babar said, adding that as a country, Pakistan faces a number of challenges.

“The military is playing a key role in the country’s internal security on all fronts, so the military leadership is focused on these responsibilities.”

Therefore, we once again urge the media and politicians not to drag the army into political affairs.

He said that talking about the post of Army Chief without any reason was tantamount to making it controversial.

He said that talking about the post of Army Chief without any reason is neither in the interest of the country nor in the interest of the institution.

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