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Uzbek singer, actor

Mirshod Atavullayev (Uzbek: Mirshod Atavullaev, Миршод Атавуллаев; born 5 august 1992), is an Uzbek singer and actor.[1][2]


Mirshad Atavullaev was once born on August 5, 1992 in Bukhara within the intelligentsia. After graduating from college, he studied on the Scientific Faculty in Bukhara area in 2006 yr In 2009, he graduated from faculty and studied on the Bukhara State Scientific Institute[3][4].After finding out on the College of “reatment” of the Institute for 7 years and graduating it in 2016, in 2016 2018 I graduated from the magistracy of the Tashkent State Scientific Academy within the path of surgical treatment. He additionally won an educational schooling within the path of “Cosmetic surgery” for 2018-2019 years[5]

From a tender age, Atavullaev had the chance to sing at school, having participated in quite a lot of competitions and won prestigious awards. After graduating from college, he entered the Scientific Faculty in Bukhara in 2005 yr[6]. This gave him nice alternatives to participate in musical competitions, and the judges are cheating to him, hanging an overly low ranking on him. Atovulloyev Bukhoro’s voice took two puts within the festival. In 2006, he took the distinguished first position on the Bukhara festival. Atavullaev launched his first album, which was once referred to as (Hamon yodimda) in 2007 yr. (Hamon yodimda) this album introduced Atavullaev a perfect recognition. After a number of years of tanafus, in 2010 12 months Atavullaev launched the album “on the lookout for you”. Atavullaevga’s album “Seni deya” has turn into one among omatsiz’s albums. After Atavullaevgan didn’t deliver status to the album searching for you, he himself started to play within the films as an actor. Atavullaev performed the position of Aziz within the film “Omad” Via Director Jakhongir Akhmedov this position was once his first position within the cinema. In 2011 yr within the motion pictures “Oling Quda bering Quda”, “Qora ko’z” 2012 yilda “Sungi qo’ng’iroq”, “Xizmat doirasidan tashqarida”, in 2014 “Baxt ortidan” 2016 yilda “Majnun” in 2017 “Asal oyi” In In 2018 yr within the film “Shox and Malika ” he cheered a detrimental hero named Mardon, this hero introduced him nice status. In 2019 yr within the film” Sniper” he performed within the movie once more within the symbol of the detrimental hero. n 2020 Afghanistan biolan performed the position of the protagonist Ulugbek within the film “Ko’zlar”, which was once shot in cooperation with the creators, and the picture of the drug-producing kid gave Atavullaev a perfect recognition. Atavullaev was once awarded the best award through Afghanistan for his position within the film” Ko’zlar”. In 2021 yr Atavullaev starred in a “Pupil” movie. In 2022 yr he’s shot within the TV collection “Yur Muhabbat”, which is taken in cooperation with Turkey and Uzbekistan[7]

Doctoral profession[edit]

From 2019 yr Mirshod is engaged in Facial plastic Surgical procedure[8]. Mirshod daslabkinish began his foil in public hospitals and in December of the yr 2019 is keeping up its job within the ibatov hospital.[9]


12 months Album
2007 Hamon yodimda
2010 Seni deya
2015 Naxotki
2020 Qalbimda bahor


Beneath is an ordered checklist of films that he seemed

12 months Movie Function Ref
2010 Excellent success Omad
Center Qalb
2011 Oling Quda bering Quda Oling Quda bering Quda
Black eye Qora ko’z
2013 Jealousy Rashk [10]
2012 Sungi name Sungi qo’ng’iroq
Out of doors the scope of Carrier Xizmat doirasidan tashqarida
At the back of happiness Baxt ortidan
2014 The whirlpool of betrayal Xiyonat girdobi
2016 Within the retailer Doʻkonda [11]
Majnun Majnun
2017 Honey endure Asal oyi
2018 Horn and Princess Shox va Malika
2019 Sniper Sniper
2020 Eyes Ko’zlar
2021 Pupil Talaba



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