Co Education in Pakistan…..pros vs. cons

A country is said to be developed if it has a better education system, it also refers to the gender equality in this regard. In ancient times education of men was the main focus for so many countries that It took some time to realize that education of women is as important as men. And with the concept of gender equality idea of co-education came into being. Although the concept of gender equality has been respected worldwide there are still so many doubts about co-education in schools and colleges in some countries, Pakistan is one of them.

Co-education in pakistan:

In Pakistan, there are two groups that differ greatly in their views about co-education. The ones in the favor of co-education are mostly those who are living in the modern society. They say that we should introduce this concept in our schools and colleges in order to cope with western countries as they are more developed and civilized. The ones against this system are those who don’t consider this morally good for their children because of religious boundaries or because they don’t want to follow western civilization.

Pros of co-education:

  • Allow students to appreciate each other
  • Develop confidence
  • Create healthy completion among students
  • Helps to survive in the world
  • Eliminate discrimination
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Helps to cope with the fear of opposite gender
  • Character development
  • Maintain dignity
  • Promote controlled environment (proper dressing, use of language)
  • Students are prepared to handle the real world situations
  • Students are socially and emotionally strong

Cons of co-education:

  • More chances of distraction
  • Free contact can result in poor character
  • Crimes can be increase (harassment, physical abuse, sexual abuse)
  • More involvement in personal feelings
  • Encourages immoral relationships


Nothing is bad or good until we make it so. In order to cope with the modern world, it is essential to have co-education system in our schools and colleges but the main focus of students should be gaining knowledge, so that these disadvantages can be eliminated.

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