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The global pandemic Covid-19 caused scholars, practitioners and policymakers to enhance the better understanding of big data. Undoubtedly, progressions and propagation of different technologies and software lead up to extraordinary manufacturing of mobile, digital devices and a massive quantity of organized and unorganized data to be excavated by companies and government for logical and well-timed decision making.

In human resource management, big data is considered as gigantic and augmented increasing amounts of customer, employee and transactional data available in organizations. Many organizations have a large amount of talent or people-related data such as skills, performance appraisal, tenure of the employee, age of the employee, educational background, safety record, performance of sales, manager, prior roles and so on, by which the organization’s recent configuration, performance, and probability to enhance the development of products, services and employees. To assess and enhance practices including expansion, maintenances, talent acquisition and overall firm performance in human resources is done by this data. The big data includes the key to the problems faced by an organization regarding incorporation and evaluating internal metrics, external standards, social media data, and government data. 

One of the main tasks of HR departments is recruiting of large calibre. The recruitment technique is also known as people analytics. It helps in selecting the best candidate for the company and also supports commercial energy to the HR departments. They keep looking for a suitable employee until they find that employee by reviewing the resumes and interviewing them. Big data offers the recruiters a great podium for this process. HR recruiters can find more details about the candidate about his personal life, capabilities and skills. Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter commonly are used for this purpose.  Different games and tests are organized by the HR department to evaluate potential employees. The clear image of the candidate comes through video pictures and lifestyle. In addition, the recruitment procedure is limpid of the firm for the candidate. The current situation of Covid -19 brings recruiters on the track to hire candidates through online platforms.

According to a whitepaper published by eQuest points, big data signifies notable opportunity to make human-capital decision built on evidence. Experts also depend upon the big data during the recruiting process. For instance, “Xeror” estimates it expends $ 5000 to train new call centre representative. “Sears” also step in this game and hire 160,000 new sales representatives from the $6 million.

 In Pakistan, the companies doing data analysis are:

  1. Afiniti | A Better Pair
  2. Teradata: Business Analytics, Hybrid Cloud & Consulting
  3. NexDegree
  4. Red Buffer
  5. e-Mumba
  6. S&P Global
  7. Analytics | Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  8. Zigron
  9. Creative Chaos
  10. Bilytica

Big Data and the Human Aspect

The viewpoint of people analytics inspires human resource professionals. Nonetheless, they don’t want the technologies to fully control the recruiting process. Companies should be depending upon the HR practitioners for hiring and firing of the employees.

The judgements of HR professionals are more correct to hire a person. Interaction between applicant and recruiter provides vital data than the data publically available. To hire the right person in the right position, big data reveal skills and talent as compared to normal hiring.

Big Data for hiring the candidates

Keeping eye on every employee might be a provocation for all human resources practitioners and hiring managers. Big data estimations help in this process to make it more efficient and effective.

Data analytics and assessments gathered together with a video interview can be a more useful method of employing top talent in any enterprise. Therefore, companies propose to use big data as a tool for selecting the employees before conducting job interview on video or as a predecessor to face to face meetings, hiring the right employee on the right time. The use of predictive analytics helps the recruiter to take more information about the candidates other than their resumes.

Submitted by Arooba Zafar, Date 27 Dec 2020

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