Iftikhar Ahmad

Iftikhar Ahmad

Iftikhar Ahmad Butt ( – Death 13 July 2018) is a Founder & CEO of Iftikhar Traders. He is also Business Director at Youth Group Limited, Youth Academy, Youth Institute of Technology and Muhammad Ali Traders. He was born in Ahmad Nagar Chattha.

Founder of Iftikhar Traders

Mr.Iftikhar want to Visit some countries of the world for trading point of view. So, to full fill this dream he Founds Iftikhar Traders. His childhood friend Khalid Hussian cheat him at this stage. Mr. Khalid Hussian takes all his wealth on the name of the business and disconnects with Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad. On the Other hand, Iftikhar Traders business was a General Store, Garment Cloth Shop, and missionary.

Business Director of Youth Group Limited

Iftikhar Ahmad Butt was the first Official Business director of Youth Group Limited. As almost every one of Us Know about Mr.Iftikhar Ahmad’s Son Umair Ahmad who is Founder and CEO at Youth Group Limited. Umair’s founded youth group limited because he wants to teach more than 5 Million Students.

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