Pakistani media in last few years…. Best and worst


We can’t neglect that In Pakistan media has great influence on its public’s mind as well as in their lives. Now a day’s People see things with the eye of media. There are many noticeable changes that have occurred in Pakistani media during the last few years. I still remember when I was a kid; we only have PTV on our TV with a handful but excellent dramas like ainak wala Jin, alpha bravo charlie and some others. With the passage of time addition of many private channels including news channels, cooking channels, entertainment, cartoon, and sports channels have bought much more stuff on our television screens. In the past few years, Television has become one of the leading news and entertainment source across the country. Now we have so many options to watch when we turn on our TV.

old is gold

In past there were many good things about media to discuss like cultural representation, moral values, good dressing, religious aspects and many more but If I talk about the best things in present entertainment media of Pakistan then according to my point of view, social awareness would be the only good thing in our media now a days. In last few years, many dramas have been on the channels that highlighted the social issues currently are happening in our society including sexual harassment, child marriage, education, physical abuse and especially on the topic of child rape as it was the top crime in Pakistan in past years. The one more positive thing is that now media is being used for social welfare purposes like fundraising for social causes.

dramas that played a major role in public awareness on social issues

When we start following others we forget ourselves, that’s what Pakistani media especially dramas are in these days. Lack of originality, no cultural representation and bad dressing are the main headings for worst in entertainment media of Pakistan. Instead of Pakistani culture, western values are promoting in dramas especially western dressing. There are so many dramas and TV shows that we can’t watch with our families. Secondly, on the name of freedom of speech media is showing so much irresponsible and biased content especially in political matter that is leading our public in wrong direction.


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