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As everyone knows, coronavirus has enveloped the whole world. Due to which the living yard of the people has undergone a complete change. The virus has damaged people’s health as well as their businesses. Before the coronavirus, people lived a quiet life. Every weekend, people enjoyed it to the fullest. Gathering parties were at their peak. That is, people were living a life full of turmoil. The women of the house sent their husbands and children to work and school and took care of the household responsibilities with coins. But after this virus, a disturbance will start in people’s lives.

Now the whole world cannot leave their homes without masks. Meeting people has also reduced burnout.  Government sanctions have ended their happiness. Weddings, meetings, hanging out, hanging out, it’s all over. More than one million people have died worldwide and millions of people are infected with the virus and they are fighting a life and death battle. Peoples become physically and financially weak.  People are always afraid of getting this virus. As a result, they are mentally disturbed. Offices are unable to open due to this virus.

That’s why employees have to do office work from home. People are very happy with this move of the government as their transportation cost has been reduced. But they are worried that there is too much problem of the network in their home. Due to which they have been facing a lot of difficulties. They are not able to participate in an online meeting. Those who live in the joint family system, they also face a lot of difficulties. There are some facilities for the upper-class family, but for the middle class or lower class category, there is a huge problem of network, which is cause disturbance in office work. This coronavirus has made many people unemployed because of the lake of the network.

Office attendance is also lower than usual. Because the government has allowed only a small percentage of office attendance and also the cause of fear in the hearts of the people. People’s livelihoods have been severely affected by the virus. It has also reduced the number of staff in the office, which has led to high unemployment. And people who are not being called to the office are being allowed to work online. People who work online are more worried because they don’t have good network access. There are no signals anywhere.

People’s expenses have gone up because buying a laptop or a mobile phone is also a must. Because their children have also been taking online school classes. Children need a separate laptop and adults need a personal laptop to do their office work. But there will be fewer laptops from the market. Due to which the demand for laptops is also increasing. So people have been facing this problem. Office work is often not complete due to a lack of privacy at home.

People live in a joint family system, so they don’t even have a separate room to make their shape of office. Office work is also not possible due to the noise of children in the house. But if they can overcome these difficulties, it will be of great benefit to them. The traffic congestion is gone, fresh and hot food is also avail. Didn’t even hear the bitter words of the boss. They are also doing a little housework. They also save from mental fatigued.

While there are advantages and disadvantages for employees, there are also some conveniences for the organization. The organization can start any type of business either it’s huge or tiny in a small place because most of the employees are working at home. So now the organizations are giving more support to remote and hybrid working because there is no significant difference in output. 

Submitted by Aleena Naseem, Date 01 January 2021

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