Business Shrinking of professional and trained workforce in Pakistan: Is...

Shrinking of professional and trained workforce in Pakistan: Is it due to salary?


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Pakistan has become 6th largest populated country in the world and approximately 4.45% of unemployed people in Pakistan which is increased due to covid-19. Companies are firing employees because they are not able to afford them and also they are not a professional or trained worker. Pakistan is facing the problem which is educated people graduates are jobless which kept getting higher due to pandemic.

The reason that is the company is looking for the right person for the right job they cannot afford to spend their money on training this employee and fresh graduates. The gap is present between the need of economy that is how many employees needed in the finance department or human resource department etc. and education that is how many students university should graduate for finance or human resource department.  

If we grasp the situation, universities are taking admission for the departments which already full in employees that is the reason why companies are not able to get good quality people and on the other hand very skilled and professional peoples are going to the foreign countries in order to get a good salary. Companies are expecting trained workforce but the employees in their firms have not given enough salary.

The quantity is inversely proportional to quality so if the quantity rise up it automatically decreases the quality which develops economic problems like shrinking of professional workers. Many types of research have been conducted to discover the most educated country. The list had been made by OECD on the basis of the adult population who have completed their education through the vocational program. Canada is most educated, second-most educated is japan and Pakistan’s educated people is most depressed. Trained professional are rare in  Pakistan.

The reason is quality of learning system that taught students to absorb theory in their minds then write it on paper and giving them brain exhausting task in the name of practical experiences so,  there is no exposure to real practical experiences or the opportunities that attract them to train themselves to become a professional in their field despise the situation of Pakistan. These students will then become an educated person but unemployed, some settle down on low wages or low quality. 

The situation will remain the same in future until or unless we create strategies for these challenges and make our future better.

Submitted by Neha Muneer, Date 01 January 2021.

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