Best performances in pakistani dramas 2018

Pakistani drama industry is full of talented actors especially the young starts are delivering phenomenal performances. As compare to past, now drama industry is more competent and professional. Now a day’s producers have huge considerations for a single character. Actually when a actor get a role in any drama he/she have huge responsibility to deliver the character by forgetting their original personality. No doubt acting is a very tough job but not for them who are born with this ability

There are some of the actors who delivered the most phenomenal and influencing performances in 2018.


If we talk about the most promising actors of Pakistan Saba Qamar would be on the top of the list. Saba Qamar is a beautiful actress with marvelous acting skills. She has done full justice to each of her characters, Fozia is one of them. Baaghi was not just drama it was a responsibility on each one of the cast members as it was based on the biography of a model. Saba Qamar played the character of Qandeel Baloch who was the controversial model and was murdered by her own brother. Everyone said that no one would have done that character better than Saba Qamar that’s the reason she was honored with LUX style award for best actress.


I think Mohsin Abbas Haider made a very risky yet brave decision by performing the character of Dabeer in meri guriya, a man who was rapist and murderer of many young girls. It was risky because the public hated that character so much. But he delivered an excellent performance as a villain, his expressions, dialogue delivery everything was so perfect.


Faysal Qureshi is one of the senior and most remarkable actor of the Pakistani media industry. In drama serial Haiwan, his character as Hameed represents a person who commits a sin and tries to cover it cleverly. He delivered a powerful message with his natural acting skills.

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