Louisville Airport of USA renamed after famous boxer Muhammad Ali

Airport in US named after famous Muslim Boxer, Muhammad Ali
Airport in US named after famous Muslim Boxer, Muhammad Ali
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In USA, Louisville Airport renamed after famous Muslim boxer Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali was given honour and respect as Louisville was his hometown.

Greg Fischer; Mayor of Louisville stated that this is reminder and it is message that while Muhammad Ali fitted to this world. His hometown was Louisville.

Muhammad is one of the most known person of the world. He is among famous persons of the Earth. A legacy of athleticism and humanitarianism has been set up by him which put a great source of inspiration in large number of people. So, it is also important for us to remind him and this is just amazing step.

Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisvilleore
Moreover, Mayor also said that name of Ali had become more popular as compared to even name of city, hence proving the choice of name more appropriate.

According to board of Louisville airport this decision is result of year long thoughtful negotiation. With respect to renaming the Airport of Louisville here is statement of board of Louisville

In order to identify the legislature of athleticism and humanitarianism, board of Airport Authority of Louisville put forward their votes in favor of Muhammad Ali on 16 January 2019. Now the Airport name of Louisville is after name of Muhammad Ali; Famous Boxer of World.

Louisville Airport Authority
The Airport’s new name is now Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport.

Muhammad Ali is source of pride for all Muslim World. He always used to cite Islam whenever he talked about his eternal source of inspiration.

Only true satisfaction and happiness comes from worshipping and honoring God. The most important thing in the world to me is being true Muslim. It is even more important than being American or being black.

Muhammad Ali Boxer

May Allah put a great mercy on boxer Muhammad Ali and may his soul rest in peace.

Reference: ONEPATH network

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