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Human Resource – an elemental unit of any organization that is interconnected with numerous other units; owning and managing multitudinous responsibilities such as candidate screening, onboarding and other affairs of employee’s lifecycle at the workplace till exit. Attracting and retaining the top-notch and high-calibre talent is the same as a feather in one’s cap. So, HR personnel play a vital role in the future prosperity of the organization. Yet even now in this 21st century, the sad reality is that too many HR employees squander 40% of their precious time on administrative work, manual HR process and repetitive activities.

Thus, this has become a chaotic and additional burden for employees that encumbers the growing organizations. According to humanistic concerns, it is non-viable to keep a track of every employee with their working tenure and is even more difficult in a global location. That’s where the automation software helps! 

A current trend of HR is HR Automation – a process of intensifying and elevating the efficiency of Human Resource department by liberating the employees from monotonous and tiresome manual work; without curtailing the quality standard of work. HR Automation of task is effective software that provides numerous benefits to HR Tech consumers. As through automation; HR planning and processing will be performed and completed in less time as compared to the time spent if manually carried out.

Another way to streamline the automation of task is steering out a great many crucial administrative activities, repetitive activities and other activities such as payroll, billable time management, profile selection, recruitment and onboarding, record management, employee evaluation, employee benefits management etc.; resulting in reducing workload, fixing the error and likewise increasing the potential.

HR automation also stimulates or promotes a fair recruitment system by permitting the organization to focus on candidates’ qualification rather than physical traits; rectifying unintentional bias. And automation will work as a catalyst in the recruitment process by comparing the job applications and shortlisting the candidates based on the criterion set. Though, saving time and effort have made work easier, improve operations and provide ease to HR professionals; permitting them to heed over strategic decisions only. 

HR Automation is cost-effective software and inducing it is a one-time investment. It is rather simple in execution and increases the reliability factor comparatively to other generic software’ that are expensive, complex and less reliable. And technological induction will also upgrade the employees. Therefore, this is the biggest solution or suggestion for the problems, HR employees are facing nowadays by getting overburdened.

According to the KPMG Survey, the expected benefits in performance improvement is 56%, while the expected boost in strategic management is 54% of the automation investment. That’s the reason behind prosperity and to be competitive, organizations should plan to invest Automation of task to sustain the growth and productivity of their personnel.

Submitted by HAFSA HABIB, Date 01 January 2021.

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