Sale – is it worth the hype?

We could imagine ourselves whenever we hear the word sale or read the tag sale on a store, especially women. The curiosity and the desire to want the stuff at fewer prices is the motivating factor, which push us to the store. The long queue and the store crowded with so many people, all trying to grab the best pieces before the product run out of stock is kind a tom and jerry game. This behavior of people is hard to justify but this is what trend speaks of today.

Sale is a promotional technique through which stores wanted to clear out their stocks before they could launch new one. But do they really make loss by providing us product at lower rate? Actually no, the product cost much less than the price tag on that, so stores don’t make losses by putting sale but their marginal revenue is lowered for sure. There are number of occasion people wait for whole year round so that they can grab things they really want at a lower rate such as black Friday, cyber Monday, national day (Pakistan 14th august), and mother day and so on. The only thing sale offers do is playing with the psychology of people mind, we end up buying unnecessary stuff which we really don’t need just because we have to pay less for the product, but we don’t look at the opportunity cost. We buy a $300 thing in $100 because that’s on sale but do we even need to spend that $100 on the thing? Our wardrobes are full with the stuff we don’t use and we constantly keep on buying new stuff just because the stuff is on sale.

The sale is not actually worth the hype, it actually make you spend money on thing which you won’t need and help stores to get rid of the stock that is not worth the regular price. The only thing I realize is we have to start thinking and stop reacting to save the hard earned money. What you think is sale really worth the money and customer satisfaction?