The sudden upsurge of Cosmetic dentistry in the entertainment industry: Good or Bad?

The term Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental work tends to improve the appearance of teeth, gums or bite, while focusing on dental aesthetics and overall smile appearance. Well, Smiling is an upbeat way to show who you are to the world crammed with an expression of emotions like happiness, love, and excitement. Your smile is considered as a window of communication expressing confidence, openness, friendship, vitality, and approval. An attractive smile also reflects warmth, contentment, health, and self-worth. Cosmetic dentistry is one method to achieve such attractive, confident smile. But is it actually worth it n a long run? We need to consider this as our industry is experiencing an upsurge of Cosmetic dentistry.
Living in a fast-paced world where making yourself presentable especially when you belong to an entertainment industry is more crucial as it seems. With the advent of social media and selfie culture, the need for women as well as men, to constantly look likable has prompted Cosmetic Dentistry to become one of the profitable professional compared to what it used to be.
Cosmetic Dentistry falls under the category of extreme makeovers which involve millions of rupees in the form of cemented porcelain veneers. However, this not But means that procedure is free from any drawbacks. Unfortunately, no one can give you 100% success guarantee whether you will emerge from the operation as you want or ends up being an ugly one,
Along with a physical appearance, your voice can also get affected, and you may also sound different after the procedure. Also, this has been said that most people with Lollywood teeth look the same — not getting any noticeable difference. This way, giving a chance to the things like dental appearance is just same to get injured in an accident, we will not be able to identify you because your God-given teeth were replaced by teeth that came from the same box as everyone else’s.

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