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Online Businesses in Pakistan


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Our journey begins as we enter into this world, it continues until our death and put away finally into the grave, and we all need some earnings to fulfil the needs of our survival. To make earnings we have to decide what is better, business or job. 

To accomplish all our needs with greatness, nothing could be cool than to make yourself your own boss, because a big attraction is to work for your own dreams rather than working for others, when you work for your own business you can make yourself free from 9 am to 5 pm hectic job routine, you can enjoy freedom in making decisions, you can enjoy all your profit, goodwill and prestige. The good thing of doing your own business is that you are not only earning for your own but you give employment opportunities to others as well.

To start your own business you don’t need a huge amount of investment, you can easily twitch your business from your home without having any experience, and all you need is a good internet connection. There are lots of home-based enterprises which are operating their businesses and selling out their products and services all over the world by using technology. Thanks to technology in Pakistan which makes our life easier and faster.

Because of technology vlogging, blogging and freelancing now became the most prominent home-based businesses in Pakistan. Pakistan has thousands of rags to riches stories who started their businesses from zero and now became success stories and inspiring others. 

Here in Pakistan, we have many famous vloggers, who are not only popular in Pakistan but also people recognized them outside the boundaries of our country. Irfan Junejo is a famous Pakistani Youtuber who makes travelling vlogs, he started his vlogging career from his room, and with all his dedication and hard work he achieved a prominence space and now became a well-known content creator. 

Along with vlogging, now blogging is also becoming one of those professions which are amplifying and flying in Pakistan. Mostly students attract towards this profession and earning a good amount of money online by showcasing their skills and talents. Muhammad Mustafa, a famous Pakistani blogger from Karachi, he is a successful online blogger and managing a website ( He not only writes blogs but he also give different training sessions about making online money. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship in Pakistan, so how we can forget freelancing, it is a most flourishing sector of Pakistan and currently stands on 4th top rank in producing freelancing. Hashim Sarwar is one of top Pakistani freelancer, he enhanced his graphic designing skills with the help of tutorials which are available online and after few years he was the 1st person of Pakistan who holds a rank in top 10 among 2 million people in the freelance market. Currently, he is giving his services as a trainer in an online government’s program, which is a free learning platform for all to promote freelancing in Pakistan. 

Everyone born as a genius person, you just need to identify your potentials and believe in your ideas and skills, and never setback because of your failures, learn from them, and with all your dedication and hard work one day you could be the shining star of Pakistan.

Submitted by Kiran Ismail, Date 06 January 2021

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