Cosmetic Testing On Animals


The topic depicts one of the major problem raising in scientific world with the increasing trend of discoveries. This is controversial discussion about the testing of cosmetics on animals which in my opinion is one of the issue which need to be looked down to avoid such a type of cruelty. Most of the companies which launch new beauty and skin care products test their products first on animals to examine the after effects of newly made products.

These products are tested in order to check their safety and to avoid any type of harm on human skin. As in most of the countries testing products on animals is not allowed by keeping in view the rights of animals to survive. But most of the people also support this type of testing as they found it safer option to avoid any harm to human life. The people residing in this school of thought show selfish and cruel nature of human kind towards the innocent creatures.

Testing cosmetics on animals has been in practice for many years. Different cosmetic companies test their products on animals in order to get a product safer for the use of human being. The trend towards testing cosmetics was arisen when people reportedly suffer injuries due to use of unsafe and untested beauty products. After that testing cosmetics became mandatory to avoid any sort of injury to the end user.

 Most of the companies provide legal reasons for their testing as they claim to provide a proof of safer product. There are number of new methods being introduced from which cosmetics can be tested without harming animals but still some manufacturers test their products on animals which is considered inhumane way of testing.

Testing Techniques

Now a days the alternative of animal testing is Glass Testing which is commonly used worldwide. In the glass testing the cell structure, chemical products are observed on a petri dish which enables the manufacturers to get to know the level at which the product is safer. This is considered more accurate way because it uses human cells in tissues to get the relevant results about any product.

Microdosing is another method which is being practice in any countries for testing the cosmetics. In this method a very small amount of dose is injected in the volunteer body and the results are observed. This technique is also considered as one of the successful techniques of testing the cosmetics.

Apart from using these various techniques, still there are some companies which support the animal testing and seek the permission to test their cosmetics via legal channel. These type of companies follow the fact that animal testing gives detailed observation of the changings and happenings that a living organism can go through by consuming that product. But apart from all these facts and logics, the animal testing shows the cruel side of human for their personal benefit and these type of actions should be taken into account. The companies should take care that there should be minimal harm to the human as well as to the animals.

This phenomena of testing of products on animals results in imbalance response towards the nature in which safety of being can cause danger to the life of other beings. As different beauty products contain different type of chemicals which can effect life of animals and can put their lives in danger. There are other methods which can be used in the product testing. For example observing the effects of product material on human cell with different component of atmosphere. Such a type of techniques should be used and must be discovered in line with the invention of new products.


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