Food Effects on Body

Is it true that certain foods worsen anxiety and others have a calming effect?

Different type of foods have different effects on the human health as well as psyche. Better food with maximum advantages can provide calming and soothing effect on human mind and directly and indirectly impacts the anxiety. Anxiety makes a person feel disturbed and unwell. Curing anxiety in relation to the diet requires attention towards changing or updating the lifestyle. There are not properly diet plans which can cure a person suffering from anxiety but it can be helpful and can results in considerable improvement. These sort of diet plans include different steps which very firstly contain breakfast.

As our day starts with this meal so it should be fresh and contain protein which helps to keep a person feeling of fuller for longer time and maximize the energy level by maintaining the blood sugar level. So breakfast should be full of energy as our day starts with it and depends on it to some extent.

Apart from breakfast, intake of carbohydrate is also considered beneficial in providing calming effects it increases the serotonin which is found in brain and cause a comforting effects on the mind of person. Carbohydrate diet includes the intake of complex carbohydrate which includes grains, cereals etc. as well as simple carbohydrates which includes drinks and soppy food etc. Liquids and drinks have also considerable effect on the mood of the people as dehydration can affect a person’s mood. Alcohol can be calming but if taken with in moderate amount. It also impacts a person’s sleep. But apart from alcohol caffeine is suggested to be avoided because it can cause nervousness and also impacts on sleep like alcohol. Some people have serious problem with food additives because it can cause unpleasant reactions in their body which may disturb their health as well as mental comfort.

         Fresh and healthy food is very important for balanced diet. It is important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to get maximum benefits from natural fiber which our body require for better maintenance. These diets have serious impact on physical and mental health of a person. Improving lifestyles can aid these health related problems either of physical or mental by taking proper sleep, exercise, different activities promoting the socialization etc.

These techniques can take some time as it is slow and gradual process but at the end it will benefit a person facing health and mental problems.

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