Daily Makeup Essentials

I can’t even imagine myself now going out without putting up tons of makeup to cover up the scars and reddishness on my face and to give my face a flawless look. Everyone love to hear the best compliment about themselves and people praising them, this is one of the reason for a huge increase in cosmetics sale and companies coming up better and better product every day.

Some products are must have to create a flawless look and they can become a routine to your daily use. Branded cosmetics cost like hell a lot nowadays but the quality of the big brand products is undoubted for sure, so why not spend money that is worth the benefits. There are lots of products in market which give the similar result as these branded products but cost a lot less, these are copies but can you really risk your skin with low quality products? The first basic product that you must get yourself is primer, this help create a layer above your skin and also helps to cover up pores. The magic product is foundation which will determine your whole look, the color shade and the skin type are two important factors to consider here. Those dark circles under our eyes irritate us right? To cover up these dark circles a good concealer is a must have, don’t forget to get a concealer one shade darker from your tone. You can also do light eyeshades for daily but heavy ones are only preferable for parties and then to set your look with matte product, use some loose powder so that face doesn’t look caky. Grab you some contour and outline your face shape and then get your hands on blush and paint those cheek to blush pink. Finally the favorite part is to put lots of highlighter and shine like star. Oh yes don’t forget the basic things your eyeliner, mascara and your go to on lip color to give you a final and complete look. You can also use setting spray if you want makeup to stay longer and don’t crack.

The good quality products are important as you can’t risk your skin and it is always a better option to use a variety of products then sticking to one until you find yourself a right match. Let me know if you would like to know about the specific details on the product, I will cover up the best products available in the market in a blog.